August 27, 2010

7 quick takes

This is the Ben's Birthday Wish List addition, made especially for grandparents, aunts and uncles. 
If you're curious about what I want for Ben's birthday Ben wants for his birthday please continue to read.  Otherwise I won't be offended if you think this is a crass way to get what we want.
Peace out!

B Parum Pum Pum Drum kit
$20 at the Peoria Target
It includes all kinds of musical instruments and the best part is that when the kid stops playing with it the music STOPS!

Deluxe Wire Puzzle Wrack
$20 at Peoria Target
It comes with a few puzzles, and has plenty of room to store the puzzles we already have.

Fisher Price Workshop Bin
$20 at Peoria Target
These plastic tools are so much safer than Trav's real tools that Ben is interested in, and there are no small pieces.  Or weirdo faces on the tools (like the Handy Manny tools - those are weird).
A wooden workshop bench would also be a really cool gift.

Fisher Price Little People flap board books.
About $12 at Wal Mart or Target
We have the Springtime book, but there are also zoo and farm ones.
These books are brightly colored, educational, and a lot of fun. 

There are two options here:
a) buy discounted summer clothes in size 18-24 months for next summer.
b) buy warm clothes for this fall and winter in sizes 12-18 months.
Stripes, robots and dinosaurs are some of our favorite things to dress little boys in.

Boy Toys:  trucks, dinosaurs, tractors, knights, pirates...
Also, anything Melissa & Doug, including food/kitchen toys.
But no stuffed animals, please.

We'll be getting Ben a winter coat.  Isn't that exciting?


  1. This is just for my own curiosity's sake...why no stuffed animals?

  2. Because we already have a ton of stuffed animals. We have dollies, teddy bears, caterpillars, elephants, dogs, cats, an octopus, Piglet, bunnies, ducks... the list goes on. Lydia and Bennet do play with them but even with Lydia's arms full there are tons left, just sitting on the shelf. We could have 3 more kids and still have enough stuffed animals for everyone.
    What we have are very nice and were given with love. The collection is currently managable and I'd like to keep it that way.

  3. It seems that if those are the things you want Bennett to get for his birthday then you need to go to the store and buy them. Since it appears that you frequently have things bought for you (new couch) or given to you (gas gift cards, help fixing up your house) it is obvious that you aren't very appreciative. You make yourself sound like a needy spoiled brat.


  4. WOW Bonnie!

    I commend you for writing out a list for your son's birthday. In case others don't necessarily understand this... Bennett is your son and you have a right to tell people what you would like to allow and not allow him to have for his birthday. I don't consider this "spoiled or needy". In our home grandparents and family get the same list or they need to include a gift receipt. There are many toys out there that are not age appropriate, safe, or might not necessarily give the impression you would like for your child. This is not an issue of greed.... more that this is your parenting decision and yours alone. I say anyone that doesn't like it... too bad!

    While I haven't known you Bonnie for more than a couple years, I have always known you to be a very generous and loving mother. You are giving and lovely. Don't let others comments bring you down because they are only reflective of their own nasty nature!

    Love you Bonnie!
    Ashley Gifford

  5. is that last comment for real? or is that a joke? Do we know this Rachel? I'm just wondering because it sounds kind of mean??

  6. When we were first married, my late mother-in-law would always ask me for a list of what I wanted for Christmas. This was not the tradition in my family so I felt really uncomfortable and selfish doing so. For several years I couldn't provide her much so she sort of guessed. I began to realize that providing her with a list was a loving thing to do because it was very difficult for her to just guess. After I did provide her with a list, she would call and ask for more details so she could provide me with just what I asked for. This was not an easy task for her large and growing family but this was her love language. It was also through this tradition that I learned more about how to be a steward of what God blessed me with. Both of our families tend to provide help when someone is ill or working on a major project and we swap furniture all the time. Accepting gifts can be difficult but these feelings are often replaced by the joy we see in the giver's eyes.

  7. Rose,
    I wondered if maybe that's where Rachel was coming from - a background of not giving wish lists.
    We were raised doing so. I remember putting stars and initials in the Sears toy book and every Thanksgiving Grandma F wrote a list of things we wanted. Even today my brothers, parents and I email our lists to one another. Our view is we'd much rather buy what a person WANTS and will USE than blow our money on a guess and a return.
    I think, though, that she could have corrected me without name calling. (I know you agree with that.)

  8. I have no idea who Rachel is; she could be one of the many Rachels we do know, or an anonymous reader.

    Clearly though, she's been reading my blog for awhile because she knows about stuff that hasn't happend in awhile.