October 29, 2010

7 quick takes

It seems that Travis and I were both planning a surprise date night for each other.  I had asked my mom to keep the kids over night.  He had asked his mom to come down and babysit.  Oops. 

Our date will consist of Chili's, a movie, and Cold Stone.  Dinner and dessert are courtesy of friends who sent us gift cards.  The movie tickets are also free.  A while ago Trav and his dad went to a movie and something went wrong, so they got two free tickets.  My fil gave Travis his ticket and so the two of us went to see a movie.  Something went wrong that time, too.  So we got two more free tickets.  I'm kinda hopeful something goes wrong tonight, too.

Ben has learned his first sign - "more"!

JF has a night nurse named Megan.  She's so great.  She loves my son and has cheered his on since the very beginning.  She had him the night he was admitted and she's asked to be his primary ever since.  Megan leaves us notes, loves on JF, and even bought him a 3-6 mo sized sleeper so he'd fit in his clothes.  How phenomenal is that?

Another nurse, Sarah, has also been really great with my son.  A couple of days ago I asked her about my son and what she thinks his quality of life will be.  She fought back tears while she talked about him, how far he's come, the way he interacts with people, how he wants to do the things 6 week old babies want to do.  I don't know if she was crying because I seemed so hopeless or because she was so proud, but either way it felt good to see someone believe in my son so much.

I was able to speak with my good friend, Sr. Mariam Caritas, yesterday.  It was wonderful to speak with her, but I wish I had more time to tell her everything.  To talk through the fear, grief, guilt, and pendulum swing of despair and hope - she's one of my best friends who also has a whole lotta theology.  Especially since she is with the Sisters of Life, I think she would be really good for me right now.

Yesterday the kids and I went to daily Mass.  Ben was a little fussy, and I definitely felt frustrated at times, but I felt like it was a rather successful Mass for the three of us.  As we were heading to our car, an old woman approached me and said, "Honey, don't you think you should take your son outside when he cries like that?  He was so distracting for everyone!  I mean, I know it's hard for you..."  By that time I was walking away from her, ready to cry.  So she got in her car, with its pro-life bumper sticker, and drove off. 
 Maybe someone should tell her that babies cry, and that the more babes who are saved from abortion the more babies to ruin her Mass.


  1. I took my toddler daughter to Mass yesterday and left feeling awful! Did she make too much noise before I took her out? Am I *teaching* her to make noise, because she knows she'll get taken out that way? I know that a year from now it will be a different ballgame, but I would like to get to daily Mass this year too. I felt like a lousy mother and nobody said anything to me about my little girl! Sorry you had to deal with that lady.

  2. Wow, I can't believe that woman said that to you! I'm so sorry. I once had 3 under 3 and am now about to have 4 5 & under, so I know how hard it is to look after all the little ones, and I have never had a child in the NICU on top of it. Hang in there and know that Jesus & Mary were so happy to see you & the children at Mass today! You're in my thoughts & prayers.

  3. Right on!! I believe God loves hearing those beautiful babies in church...as witness to all his miraclous creations...silly lady...did she really just walk out of mass and then say that to someone!

  4. It's so good to hear that nurses care so much for your baby boy. He needs that kind of love, and so do you.

    And oh my goodness, if that rude old lady knew just how much you've been through, she would never say such a thing. One can hope. I only get really frustrated if a child is being REALLY loud throughout the whole Mass, or is running around in the sanctuary or loudly kicking the pew with the parents doing nothing to stop it. Maybe she never had children, or is bitter that it's over for her and that's why she feels she has to tell you what to do - because she doesn't have little children under her control. Whatever the case, what a nosy busybody. :(

  5. "Let the little Children come"

    nuff said :)

    Hang in there God Bless


  6. Trust those nurses, they know! How wonderful to hear that baby James is doing so great. God has big plans for him!

  7. I'm sorry that woman said that to you! That's the last thing on earth you should be worried about right now. I agree with another commenter, if only she had known what your life is like right now, she never would say such a thing. I guess it's a good reminder to always treat all people you meet with love and compassion.
    Love you! I want to come and see you soon.

  8. "...the more babies who are saved from abortion the more babies to ruin her Mass." Haha! Perfect. I'm always grateful to hear babies shuffling, cooing, or crying in Mass. It means the parish people know what they're doing.