October 3, 2010

a peek in

Welcome to the NICU.  The nurses made this name plate for James.  Pretty cute, huh?
We have great nurses and doctors.  I've been really impressed with the kindness we've encountered.  And I've been amazed by the "small world" we live in.  One of the nurse practitioners is from Trav's hometown and used to work with my mil.  One of James' nurses is married to the gym teacher at our local school.  Crazy stuff.

This picture is from James' old crib.  The picture on the left was painted by L for her little brother.  The picture on the right was created by one of the third shift nurses.  She got his hand and foot prints for us - which is awesome.

Look at his cute little feet and long, long toes!

Here's little buddy getting his diaper changed - in his new crib - by his grandma. 

In other news, L busted her lip on the sidewalk, and I painted her fingernails (for the first time ever) to help her forget about it.  She was so excited!


  1. I certainly will continue to pray for James. I'm so glad you've gotten to do something "normal" with Lydia, even if it was a result of an unhappy fall (ouch!). You must feel torn in pieces right now with two little ones at home and a sick newborn in the hospital. I said particular prayers for you at Mass this morning. Please take care of yourself in the midst of all of this. Breast infections happen not just due to erratic milk removal, they are also the result of fatigue and crazy eating and drinking schedules on the part of the mom. You won't be doing any of you any favors if you get sick as well, so please do take care of yourself during this very difficult time.

  2. oh what precious pictures! I think James looks like you (but then again i said that about bennet when he was born and, wow, did i ever get that wrong). Anyway, Lydia looks adorable, fat lip and all. She is a peach. Thanks for the "peek in" to your little world with james. So glad the staff is taking such good care of James. What a blessing. I continually pray for James and will especially be praying for the cookie swallow tomorrow. Love you all!
    Sarah HEdman

  3. You always manage to make me both laugh and cry when I read your blogs. Still praying for you all.