October 12, 2010

possible solution, and a few announcements

We had a pow-wow today - James, his feeding  therapist, nurse, doctor, and I.  The decision:  instead of getting 65ml (that's a little over 2oz) every 3 hours we're gonna try giving Little Boy Blue 45ml every 2 hours.  The hope is that he'll do better with the smaller amounts. 

Now then, there's a few things I wanted to mention:

First, we're not sure when James will come home.  We get asked that a lot - and it's a good question - but I don't know what to tell you.  It all depends on how he does and if he gets the g tube or not.  His eating is the only reason he's still in the hospital. 

Second, part of me is really sad about leaving the staff of the NICU.  I really, really like going in every day and chatting with the nurses and other staff members.  Everyone's so kind (and fun) that I look forward to seeing the different people.  J and S and J and L and M and the local gym teacher's wife - why can't I remember her name?!! - they're good people.  Plus, they have loved and cared for my son at a very precious time in his life.  I feel like they are connected to my family forever now.  (Does that creep them out, do you think?)

Third, I hope you are still praying fervently.  It isn't so urgent feeling now, but please know that when I think of your prayers I literally, physically feel better.  We're in this for the long haul, and I hope you are, too.  Sincerely, your support means a great deal to Travis and I.  I honestly think it's the reason we're doing as well as we are.

Fourth, I've gained almost 30 new followers since the proverbial shit hit the fan a few weeks back.  Just to warn you folks, I will be returning to boring blogging again, talking about things like Halloween costumes, cute things L and Ben do, the fact that Travis is growing his beard out and I like it.  I'll also probably start posting youtube videos of songs I like again.  You'll also hear me complain about being tired.  Oh wait - I've been complaining about that all along.  Well, you know, just be prepared for the return of the everyday.  I hope you stick around though.  And I hope my great aunts keep reading!  I love that you're reading!  :)


  1. The smaller feedings make perfect sense to me. After all breastfed babies often eat even more frequently than that in small increments.

    Being attached to the NICU staff is perfectly normal. I've never known a mom who had a baby in the NICU for any lengthy period who didn't feel that way. I was hospitalized for 3 months before my daughter was born and after her birth I went back at least twice to see the nurses who'd taken care of me. You're making human connections here, of course you'll miss them.

    I am still praying for you, even if it isn't such a crisis right now. In some ways it's a harder period because the day to day stuff is piling up and the adrenaline from being in a totally crisis mode is letting up. Now it's simply the long haul in front of you. Carrying your cross daily is sometimes even more tiring and challenging than responding to a crisis.

    Won't it be nice when you can get back to posting Halloween costumes and complaints about musty smelling drains (my challenge of the day) because you've got all of your little people at home with you. I'm sure you'll do better with the reality of having James home than you think right now. It will be a new normal, and at the moment what that new normal will consist of is an unknown. However, I know God will give you the grace to live it out.

  2. I'm making a commitment to pray for Mr. James and your family for the long haul. Have great hope! God didn't get you guys this far to let you down after you leave the NICU.

  3. I hope the new feeding schedule works out better. I am still praying for complete healing, and for peace and strength for you and Travis. And I'm looking forward to reading about the cute things Lydia and Bennet do! : )

  4. As a former NICU nurse turned stay-at-home mom, i just wanted to tell you that NO the NICU nurses wouldn't think you are weird for how you are feeling! I got very attached to my little patients and their parents. I still keep in touch with some 7 years later! I am praying every day for little James. I feel very drawn to your blog because I am also a faithful Catholic, I have 3 little ones too, Cloth diapering, NFP, all the NICU happenings, etc. I have my 4 year old praying too. You are doing a great job in handling everything. May God bless you and your family!
    I am friends with Jenny W., Kristen W., and my hubby is cousins with Kimmi W.

  5. Already prayed for you and blog baby James.Thankyou for sharing your life with us. It Is a gift to be able to pray for someone elses intentions.