October 20, 2010


Consider the above music to read to. :)
I haven't called the hospital to see about the EEG. They might not even know yet, but I'm too nervous to find out.

I am on my second iced chai of the day. Sometimes, when the Tazo concentrate is on sale I buy it because, sometimes, I feel like I deserve it. Even if it costs $4.35 on sale.

Ben's vocabulary is still pretty limited, or ya know, non-existant. He's 13 mo and has a sister who speaks for him. He kinda says "yeah" and "mama" and "dada". He claps when he's happy, and makes the most pitable face when he's sad. L could point to most body parts, name most farm animals, and make a bunch of animal noises at his age. Whatev.

Last night L came running into our room*+ screaming. She sounded absolutely terrified. Trav and I both jumped up, me also screaming. Trav scooped her up and we sat with her, holding her, calming her. She couldn't explain to us why she was so upset, though she might have awoken and called for us and we didn't hear her because we were both in such deep sleep.

All I could think of was that stupid new movie Paranormal Activity II. While catching up on Glee on Hulu I had to watch a commercial for it over and over. So when L came running in screaming, her heart pounding, it scared me and all I thought was we're gonna have to get a priest over here.

Today, though, I think that it was because she wasn't able to spend any time with her daddy yesterday. She acted fairly similarly in the first couple of weeks after JF was born and Trav and I were gone most of the time.


  1. Hey there. Don't worry about Bennet. Abraham says Daddy and that's it. He's not even walking yet. Josie, my first, was also really advanced and each kid after that got less and less advanced. Poor Abe is normal at best. haha! That's just how it is. That first one gets so much undivided attention, that they learn super fast. You're doing a great job with your sweet little kiddos. Praying for that test result today!!
    Sarah Hedman

  2. 1. I love that song.

    2. I seem to remember Aiden developing quicker verbally than Emmett has, too (granted, E is only 9 months). I wonder if it's a 2nd child thing? Or a boy thing? I don't know. One thing I do know, is that Aiden pretty much talks enough for our entire family....

    3. I hate that Paranormal commercial. It freaks me out. And then I think about it every time one of the kids' monitors gets static-y.

  3. Seriously, why do they have to involve kids in that creepy stuff?! I watched the first paranormal activity, in fast forward, so it wasn't so scary (because I still needed to know how it ended.) No way I'll watch this new one, no way!

    Sometimes I feel like one of those creepy people from the movie when one of the kids is crying and I've stood up to console them but too tired to walk to their room and I just hover over our bed. Thankfully Paul has never woken up to this image.

    Margot is the same way. Not because she has a sister who talks for her, but because she has a sister that doesn't stop talking/singing. The few words Margot knows, I think I'm the only one who can understand them. And why would Bennet need to talk when he just gives his sweet looks and everyone gets swallowed up by his charm? :)

  4. Agree with all of the above! Noah only says a handful of words... probably because he can't get a word in edgewise with Jonah's non stop chatter! :P

    And Lisa, I too watched it in fast forward just because I wanted to see the ending, ha!

    Love you Bonnie, you're doing awesome!

  5. Two things:

    Yes, you deserve the Tazo concentrate. Duh.
    I like Sara Bareilles, too. But I usually like most of the music you post.

    Ok, a third:
    Joan saw a bit of James and the Giant Peach on Netflix and I'm pretty sure that's who she thinks we've been praying for...