October 8, 2010

today was such a good day - 7 quick takes edition

A friend came down to help out for the day.  She cleaned my house, allowing me to run some errands and spend time with the kiddos.  She then took the kids to the park so I could work on stuff at home.  She exhausted the kids at the park so they napped while I continued to work on stuff and she finished cleaning my house.  She then cleaned up dinner while Trav gave the kids a bath and I went to the hospital.  By the end of the day I had a clean house, stuff done, and time with all 3 of my kids.
This friend is just one example of many, many people who have donated time, talent, and treasure to my family to help us through this difficult time.
We are so blessed!

James took a whole bottle today!  He chugged down all 65ml of his breakfast bottle!  So proud of him.

James also did very well for the physical therapist.  She noted improved muscle tone, though he still has those pesky tremors and has some more improving to do.  She also laid James on his belly, across her lap, and he lifted his head and looked around!  My little boy is doing things normal babies his age do.  So exciting!

My husband got an invitation from one of his students to attend the volleyball teacher appreciation night.  She drew a heart on the envelope and signed it "love, A--"  Excuse me?!  I told Travis to tell her that just because his wife was chubby didn't mean he wasn't in love and that she needs to back off.  He just laughed at me.
"Love" my left foot, missy.

I heard Mumford and Sons on the radio.  I like them, and I'm glad MVV introduced them to me when he still lived with us.  But I'm so sad they drop the f bomb.  It's like spilling beer or dropping the cheese dip - a sure way to ruin a good time.

The valets at the hospital know my name.
It makes me feel like a good mom.

I can finally announce that we have all the details lined up for the next Behold Conference!
Mark your calendars:

Behold: A Conference of the Dignity and Vocation of Women
Saturday, March 5, 2011
at Five Points, Washington
Guest Musician:


  1. I've been reading your blog a little and I'm happy to hear that James is doing better. And #4--oooh. I feel you. My husband is a professor and that is my worst fear. So much so that at the start of every semester my first question is, "Are any of your students pretty?" Kudos to you for handling it more maturely than I would.

  2. 2-I'm in tears. Good job James!

    6-You ARE a good mom! :)

    7-Jen is speaking? That's so awesome! I'm sad I live so far away.

  3. Your updates on James are so encouraging! You must be very excited about the bottle and holding his head up. Amazing progress. - Audrey

  4. Chug, baby, chug that bottle!

    So glad :)

  5. Bonnie
    Thanks for making me smile! I am happy for all your news. God is truely amazing. Whenever I forget that I just look at my kids. Thanks for sharing.

  6. #4 made me gasp in horror and then laugh out loud. You're too funny - and your beautiful so just shush. #5 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mumford and sons but totally agree with what you said about the F-bomb. What in the world? Not necessary and just makes it so i can't listen to it unless I"m in the car by myself (um, never). Anyway, love you and I am beyond thrilled to hear such positive reports about James. Yay!
    --sarah hedman

  7. How can I learn more about the Behold Conference? I know you have a lot on your plate with James right now, so take your time answering!