November 7, 2010

Little Boy Blue and home sweet home

JF is home.  We brought him home Wednesday night.  Discharge took two hours.  His grandmas and siblings waited for him in the family waiting room.  He wore a cute knit outfit with a brontosaurus on it.  We came home and ate a celebratory meal of leftovers. 

How is he doing?  Pretty well, I guess.  Thursday our home health care nurse came and was glad to see him moving and looking about.  From the information on her paper she expected a "limp baby."  Friday he met our family practitioner who was happy to see some good reflexes.  They both thought his g tube site looked good.  He sleeps a lot and usually nipples half of his feedings and then needs to be tubed the rest.

L and Ben like him a lot.  Ben, who wildly flaps his arms when he's excited, should have been taught "gentle" in preparation for this homecoming.  I messed that one up.  But he also gives his little brother unprompted kisses that will melt your heart.  L likes to hold him and is upset that she can't give him a bottle.  She's very proud to tell people his name.  It's quite sweet.

Today his g tube gushed formula while he cried during a bath.  It freaked me out and I cried.  After a day of horrible napping he also slept 10 hours last night without waking up to eat.  That makes me nervous.  I guess 7 week olds sleep a lot and only need a little bit of food to feel full, but I'm worried that he doesn't seem more hungry and less tired.

Preparing and giving a him a bottle takes a long time, and it's going to take a while to get down a new routine in the mornings that incorporate JF.  I'm scared about that.  I'm scared about a lot of things, actually.

It's good having him home.  We just have to figure out our new normal.

He's so handsome.  I'll post some pictures soon.


  1. So glad he's home, Bon! Listen, g-tubes spit back all the time. You probably know that, but I just wanted to tell you, just in case. I've been splattered with them more times than I can count! I know you're doing a great job!

    Love, Em

  2. yay! Great news! so happy for you all! I will say, don't ever underestimate the power of familial love. I once knew a family with a little girl with a whole host of major medical issues. The doctors told the mom "don't name her, she will be dead soon!" Can you imagine? Anyway, she decided to love her daughter for the short time they had together. She brought her home with her other children and they held the baby, and loved her. That was 15 years ago. She still has issues, but, really, who doesn't have issues?

  3. I am so glad that you have your whole family with you at home! Anytime a new baby comes home from the hospital, or enters into the world at home, it takes time to get a new routine going. You know this. I will continue prayers for you all. I am so proud of you and the mother that you are : ) Who knew while sitting at all those Chiefs games what our lives would turn into. Oh, and I am not going to be in town this weekend. Car trouble and no gas money left has changed my plans. But, we will be home Thanksgiving weekend. I know that that is a busy time, but maybe we could figure something out. Love to you, my friend!

  4. Bonnie, we have been following your blog daily and have been praying for all of you. Maddie and I just watched your latest u tube posts. I am exposed indirectly, daily, to different types of therapy and I am a firm believer Music Therapy is the best form of therapy. In fact, I said to Maddie, I want to be in a flash mob dance someday! I'll have to be hid somewhere in the middle of the group as I was not given the gift of rhythm! Sing and Dance often! What a beautiful gift your son James is. I know someone too who had a G tube placed for their son to eat. He is doing wonderfully now. I am sure there will be frantic moments. We can't imagine. We will come to see you when you are more settled. Love seeing and hearing all of the progress via the blog. God Bless all of you as you welcome James into your lives at Home Sweet Home. Continued prayers,love and hugs and kisses to all.
    The Milwaukee gang. Must send something "Packer" for the Godmother!!

  5. Milwaukee Gang! We would LOVE for you to visit us! Really truly - Travis and I like you all so much, and we know our kids would love you, too. Oh yeah, and the rest of the W----mans would be happy to see you all, too. :)
    Go Bears.

  6. Continuing to pray for you and your family. I'm glad you've got the support of home health care and it won't be long before you feel like an expert on James' care. I have a friend with a little one with a g-tube and it's so encouraging to know that James can/is taking some of his feedings by mouth as this is something the sweet little girl I know has never been able to do. You are wonderful parents doing a wonderful job!

  7. You are doing a wonderful job, and I'm glad you have the home health support. You are in my prayers. God bless!

  8. I have been following the story of your sweet boy, James and just wanted to pop in and tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May the good Lord heal James and continue to give you and your family the strength you need. You are a good Momma, and will get the routine down in no time. God Bless you.

  9. Bonnie,
    It was so good seeing you all Sunday at your Mom's and being together with Dad on his Birthday too. I loved holding James even though it was just a little. I hope I can help more in the future. Lydia and Bennet were adorable as well and Bennet just has a look that will win you over in a heart beat and of course Lydia is a doll. I was sorry to hear that you cried but yet tears are a good release for the tension that builds up inside us. Anytime a new baby is in the house there is always so much change and routines pretty much go out the door. The routines seem to be made by the little ones if you know what I mean. There are lots of Mom's out there who are about ready to cry at any moment due to the stress of everything. You have extra fears and concerns on top of all that and you are only human. I'm glad that you speak openly on your blog. I think it's good therapy for you as well as letting all of us know how you are and what's happening in your life. We love you and are concerned for all of you that's why we read your blog and check any updates that you may make. Sing to James, be as normal as you can be in your everyday handling of him and I think he will grow in love and health. He is a beautiful little baby boy and I believe if anyone can give love and stimulus to that little one it will be you and Travis. I want to help if I can and would love to see the kids and hold little James. Bennet is a hoot! Love, Aunt Nita

  10. Yes, and you WILL figure out a new normal.
    When I brought Davin home I cried and cried for a week. Over everything. I was so scared about being alone with two kids (only two!), and what I was going to do, and why God would bless me with another baby when I didn't even deserve it and I was a lousy mother to the one I already had.
    Thankfully my hormones evened out and I had several friends who encouraged me that God would give me the strength I needed and the grace to get through one day (or one hour or minute) at a time.
    If I can do anything let me know!
    Stefanie D.