December 4, 2010

a fun filled Friday night

Poor JF had trouble keeping things down on Thursday night.  Friday morning he didn't keep down his feeding or phenobarbitol.  At noon he took 3 oz which he did keep down (thank God!).  At 3 he wasn't interested in food, at 4 we went to the doctor. 

At 5 we went into a ditch.  The roads were slick!

At 6 we were pulled out and home.  The kids went to bed and we thought JF would be ready for some more food.

At 8 JF threw up his food and phenobarb (we tubed both since he was still uninterested in a bottle) and I once again took advantage of having our family doctor's cell phone number.  No wet diapers in hours and no more tears.

By 9 we were on the way to my parents' with the kids.  By 11 JF, Travis and I were in JF hospital room. 

An overnight stay, an IV, a few wet diapers and a few good bottle feedings later and we should be discharged soon. 

This was not how I had pictured spending the first snow of the season, but thankfully JF is safe and on his way to being 100% healthy again.  Thank you for your prayers for safe travels and restored health.

If you ever wonder if God answers prayers, I want you to know that JF is the answers to your prayers.


  1. Bonnie, from Aunt Nita. I'm so glad that James is doing better. Tonya in AZ had said she saw where you had gone to the hospital with James and if I had any updates. I wasn't aware so I was worried since you thought he might have the flu. I'm so glad that you will be going home soon but what a night. Wouldn't you know you'd end up going in the ditch. Go figure! You are right James is the answer to our prayers.

  2. Oh, Bonnie. I pray for you and your family often. Thank you for the updates so we know more specifically what to pray for. God bless you all.