December 29, 2010

St. Veronica and Baby Ella

St. Veronica is the woman who wiped the face of Christ while He was on His way to Golgotha.  For a brief moment she cared for God, bringing Him physical comfort in a simple act of love.

Baby Ella is a 3 month old baby, just a week older than James, who has been in the PICU at OSF since she was a week old.  Unbeknownst to her parents, Ella was born with a heart condition - the left side is too small - and it has trouble pumping blood throughout her body.  They didn't know this until she was a week old and they found her lethargic with purple, lacy veins all over her body.

Ella is the niece of Travis' childhood best friend.  St. Veronica is the patron saint of Ella's grandmother, and the saint whose intercession the family is requesting.

Travis and I visited Ella yesterday in the hospital, and she and her family really need our prayers.  A trach has improved her life, but she has so many battles ahead of her.  Ella's grandmother told me how Ella's mom is doing, and I was instantly reliving our time in the NICU. 

Having your heart break over, and over, and over again.  Feeling desperate, unable to hope.  Believing that you cannot go on.  Worried about your child, your other children, your own future.  Swallowed by bills.  Engulfed in grief.  Tired.  Overwhelmed.  Overstretched.  Afraid.  Angry. 

Please pray for Ella.  Please pray for her parents, J and V, and her brother, N, and her grandparents and all who love her.  Please pray for her doctors and nurses.  And please pray for healing.  Please ask St. Veronica to bring comfort to the family and to intercede for healing.  When I could not hope you hoped for me.  Let us do the same for Ella.

To check up on Ella, visit her website.

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  1. The Sweet family is praying for healing, comfort, and hope for Ella and her family.