January 10, 2011

a curse, a rejection, and a prayer

I have recently deduced that at some point in time, someone cursed my husband. You seriously cannot make up the stuff that goes wrong for my poor husband, and I never found myself in so many ridiculous situations until I married him.

So you can understand how happy I was when we heard one of the EWTN radio shows interview a priest who is also an exorcist.  A man called in who was seeking some help for himself and his sister because they had been hexed by a witch who had lived next door to them. 

The priest told the man that they needed to reject satan, and all his empty promises, and all his evil ways, and that they also needed to reject the power of the hex, to proclaim the Name of Jesus and insist that no witch's curse held any power over them because they are Christians.  The priest explained that when we believe in a curse we give it power, and so we need to not believe in it, to reject it, to insist that it cannot touch us because of our relationship to God the Father.  The priest also said the man and his sister needed to pray every day, throughout the day.

When I told Travis that I think someone cursed his family, he knew right what to say - that he doesn't believe in the power of curses and that satan's not going to have any control over what happens to him.  Good answer.

And then I had this thought:  Thank God for all the built-in opportunities to pray throughout the day.  Grace before breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Praying over my children as I put them down for naps and night time.  A morning offering.  A prayer for safety as we drive, or hear sirens, or watch the news.  A quick "good night" as I lay down.  I have been fairly overwhelmed at the thought of "praying throughout the day" but now I'm not.  Now I see that Holy Mother Church, friends, family and the Holy Spirit have taught me how to come back to God over and over again over the course of my day. 

I know that spiritual warfare is real.  I know that we are constantly surrounded not just by our Guardian Angels, but also demons who are attacking us.  It's a pretty scary thought, until I remind myself that I am a child of the Light, Travis and I have surrounded ourselves and our children with holy words and things, and that even praying over our cheerios is a victory.

So that supposed curse - it hasn't got any power over my family!

+ Praised be Jesus Christ! +


  1. Hallelujah!! Jesus is the VICTOR!!! Something that has absolutely changed my prayer life is learning to pray Scripture - especially over my kids and husband - but in lots of other situations too. I recommend this book "Praying Scriptures for your Children" by Jodie Berndt. If you can't afford it right now, please email me and I will buy it for you. I"m serious. I have bought several copies to give away because I feel it is such an important book for everyone to read!!

  2. My seven year old son is very into the whole Good versus Evil thing right now. I feel so blessed that the Church has given us prayers like Saint Michael's prayer that we can teach him. I didn't grow up with any religion, but I imagine I would have been very comforted by the knowledge of guardian angels, the saints, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus all watching over me. I'm certainly comforted by that knowledge now!

  3. When we had our house blessed (and msgr asked about where we were going to put closets in our unfinished basement so they were all blessed), I have the most awful nightmares for a time that woke me up in such fear (knocking at the door to be let in). Even the kids were whimpering in their sleep! Asking for prayer from others, knowing we were covered in prayer and (thankfully) finding myself waking up saying an Our Father or Hail Mary gave us peace in our home. And never again have we had to deal with anything like that. (My hubby was not at all affected through these nights, so he thinks I am crazy :) ).
    We will keep you all in our prayers!