January 11, 2011

Spiritual Adoption

Watch this amazing video on spiritually adopting children who are at risk of being aborted - an idea that began with our beloved Archbishop Sheen.

I'm proud to say that I'm friends with some of the people who helped make this film. Also, the driving force behind this video also happens to be owners of Michael's Italian Feast. If you live in Central Illinois I strongly encourage you to give them your patronage. They're food is great and they're a devout Catholic family. They recently remodeled their Germantown Hills restuartant so it looks like you're eating in a quaint square in Rome and they're East Peoria restuarant has a nice hip-but-family-friendly feel.


  1. Where's the EP Michael's? I've only been to the Germantown & Washington ones...

  2. The EP Michael's is in the strip mall by Lowe's, where the old Schlotzky's Deli was.

    Lunch is busy with CAT people, but in the evenings it's still fairly slow. The manager got paper and pens for my kids to color with and didn't mind them walking around, playing peek-a-boo and what not. Of course, if it was really busy that wouldn't have quite been the case, but they are still VERY kid/family friendly.

  3. We celebrated Sanctity of Life yesterday at your church. There was a representative of CareNet there (for more info, go to www.carenetdupage.com). They have a program called "Prayer Partner" and it is set up to so that every woman who comes into the clinic who is more "abortion-minded" will be held up in prayer by a prayer partner. You will recieve info on the client (to keep confidential, of course) and specific things to pray for- ultrasound appts, change of heart...) You will aslo be kept up-to-date on their decision. What a great way to help save the lives of unborn children! For more info, go to the website, or call Sharon at 630.493.1340 ext 5330. (Mabye there is a CareNet in your area as well.) Thanks!! And praise be to God that James is doing so well! I was praying for him for quite some time and love to see our answered prayers!!