January 19, 2011

update on James

My son is a little, ahem, backed up and he has been for a little while.  He also seems to have a little bit of acid reflux, though nothing too bad.

At his four month check up (James is four months old now!) the doctor and I discussed how we think those two things are to blame for a slightly limited appetite for James and his weight loss.

Yep, in the last two weeks James has lost almost a pound. 

Our hope is that a little laxative will help things along better than the prune juice has been doing.  We're also going to start a small prescription for the reflux.

The goal:  normal, softer b.m.s every day or two and 30ish ounces of formula a day.

Please join me in praying for these things for James - it'll be a really easy, healthy fix for Little Boy Blue and will help him grow big and strong.

Thank you and God bless!


  1. Oh, Bonnie! Another little similarity in our lives (allergies, children's names, and now constipation...though here it's our nearly 3 yr old.) Poor little James! We'll keep him in our prayers as we try to sort through this ordeal as well.

  2. Bonnie,
    I will continue praying for little James. My 4 year old also prays for "James and Bonnie."

    Betsy, I was having the same problem with constipation with my 2 year old. I finally read in a book that constipation can be caused by not drinking enough water, so I tried it with her. I made sure she was drinking quite a bit of water right after breakfast. When I do this, she almost always has a bm by the afternoon.

  3. A nice warm bath, with the water up to at least his belly button, might help. Are you able to give him breastmilk at this point? I've heard that if you're nursing and the baby gets stopped up, it can help if you cut out dairy. We're praying!

  4. Praying! How about the improvement for little Ella! Sheen might have another NICU miracle up his sleeve!

  5. From Aunt Nita -- Bonnie, we will certainly pray for little boy blue, James that he is able to have bm and eat all that he needs so that he gains weight. He has been through so much for one so little but he's a fighter. We love him so and pray that all is well. I hear his exzema (spelling?) is much better though. That's one thing less to worry about. He does need to eat though and I have to admit -- you aren't very hungry if you are bound up.

  6. Ugh constipation is no fun, still dealing with that with Jonah! :( We've cut out milk and also started Miralax and he's a lot better! Will be praying for that to go away and for him to gain weight!