February 4, 2011

7 quick takes

The days of revelry have come to end.  Travis went back to school today.

Potty training with L is still happening.  We're going the pull-up route since she doesn't seem to know when she needs to poop yet - or something like that.  She maybe has one wet "accident" a day but I think if I remembered to prompt her more we wouldn't have any wet pull ups. 
Any tips out there?

By the time JF reaches 5 months he will have his top left front tooth.  Yes, little boy blue is teething.  He's a little bit crankier than usual, but overall he is by far the easiest teether ever.  He might be the most laid back baby I will EVER give birth to.
(please don't let it be the phenobarbitol!)

This Friday will be three months since JF was last tubed a feeding.  When we get to March 2nd it will three months since we've used it at all.  This means that I need to be scheduling a surgery to have it removed. 

The stupid new state tax is taking $45 out of each paycheck for us.  That's a pretty big blow for a family who grocery shops off of $70 a week and puts no money in savings.  Maybe what the Illinois congress should have done first is made law that says high school principals in rich suburbs cannot have bigger salaries than the president of the USA.  That would have freed up some money.

Ben is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner.  Has anyone else ever seen this in a toddler before?  He will cry on the floor in front of the laundry room door (where the vacuum is kept) if I don't bring it out for him.  And it's not just our vacuum - both grandmas have had to let him see theirs.  Be careful if we come over for a playdate.  Hide your Dyson!  Conceal your Oreck!  Put away your Hoover!

Here's a really great link I found on postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.  When I have searched for stuff before I've only come across websites that talk about not being happy, crying a lot, not having an appetite, and wanting to sleep all day.  None of those things fit me at all, yet I've wondered since L's birth if something was wrong or if motherhood just brought out the worst in me and I was stuck this way forever.
So it was actually a huge relief when I heard a woman I greatly respect talk about postpartum anxiety in her life.  I thought to myself, "that sounds a little like me."  When I googled the term I found Postpartum Progress and realized that I probably am not a borderline horrible mother - I just have issues that can be worked out. 


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the laid back teething. You wouldn't have even known that my two oldest girls were teething if it weren't for the drool everywhere. There was no change in their moods or behavior at all. My son definitely got a bit crankier with the teething.

  2. My advice is don't bother with pull ups... just go straight to big girl undies... I just think pull ups are glorified diapers and a waste of money.

    My sister's 2nd born is obsessed with vacuum's as well... and give Noah a wipe or a sponge and he'll go to town cleaning! Must be a 2nd born male thing??

  3. From my education classses waaayyyy back in the day (remember, I once was going to be a teacher), I think I remember that local taxes account for something like 90 percent of school revenue. That's why there is such a monetary disparity between poor schools and rich schools, and this would explain the difference in salaries for principals. Does Travis know the particulars? He would know better than me (this might be the third or fourth time I've been wrong).

    I'm glad the kids are doing so well. Anytime Bennet wants to come vaccum, I've got lots of doggie hair! Go Lydia with the pottying! And, hooray baby James...you are such a miracle!

    Love ya, Em

  4. Thanks for the article about ppd and ppa, it was really helpful!

  5. bonnie, you rock! and not only because you and i moved a wall this morning (doesnt that sound a lot cooler then it actually was!?). that article is awesome - i started crying when i read it. its so unlike everything else about ppd. thank you thank you thank you!