February 17, 2011

physical therapy update

Hey gang.

Today James had physical therapy.  We came away with loads of good news. 

James is a little behind on his development, about 1-2 months.  However, we are not surprised nor too concerned about this because of his first 7 weeks in the NICU.  But what he is doing he is doing very well. 

The therapist said:

- she has no doubt James will reach our goal of him crawling by 9 months.
- she sees no signs of cerebral palsy.
- she strongly believes that the stiffness in his legs is orthopedic and not neurological, meaning we will eventually stretch his legs straight and he will be able to use them normally.

At the end of our session I picked up my little boy blue and said, "Not too bad for being down for 61 minutes!"  Our pt looked at a pt student who was in the room observing and said, "Did you read his case file?  He should not be like this at all.  Nothing like it."

Praise God!


  1. I love blogs like this.

  2. I expect no less ;) James rocks my socks. And God working through James rocks my socks times infinity.

  3. Congratulations on the great news! :)

  4. From Aunt Nita. I think that is awesome news about James. Of course, we all think he's awesome anyway. I'm so happy to hear that he will crawl and that the tightness in his hamstring is orthopedic and not neurological. No signs of cerebral palsy -- Yay!! Thank you God!

  5. I have tears again. Praise God! The miracle continues...