March 13, 2011

big days for James

1.  Today was James' first day of no phenobarbital!  wa-hooo!

2.  Tomorrow we visit the surgeon about having his gi button removed.  We are really hoping for this as we think that the button has created a lot of discomfort for our son.  Travis is coming with me because I'm all out of fighting and I'm anticipating having to fight a little bit.

3.  Tuesday James has his next cookie swallow.  We hope he will be able to move to a thinner liquid which will allow us to use my stored breast milk and also hopefully make James less -ahem- backed up.

4.  Thursday we see the physical therapist again.  Hopefully she'll note some more improvement in James, though I'm wondering when he'll do better with his push ups.


  1. To be fair, push ups are really hard. I can only do, like 7 with good form.
    Haha. I'm joking. :-)
    I hope all this stuff goes well! Keep us updated!

  2. Praying for great results.
    Thank you for sharing little James with all of us :)

  3. I hope everything goes well, prayers for all of you!