March 11, 2011

comments and fraternal correction

Simcha Fisher and Hallie Lord are two bloggers I really enjoy reading.  Simcha is funny, insightful, and intelligent.  She also doesn't take herself too seriouslyHallie has good taste in fashion and I find her posts to be honest, refreshing, and thought-provoking.  I especially like this recent one

So what do they have to do with  the title of this blog post?  Well, they both get ripped to shreds in their comment boxes from time to time.  And have you ever read the comments at Faith and Family Live?  It's enough to make you want to cry sometimes.  I shake my fist in the air or roll my eyes or tsk - or a combination of all three - when I read comments where "nice Catholic women" tear other women down because the former dislikes with the later's opinion or sense of humor.  And I don't mean opinion on whether women should be priests.  (which they shouldn't!)  I'm talking about a blogger sharing her thoughts on a cute sleeveless dress and then being told she's not modest and should smacked in the face for ever thinking she was.

Well maybe the comenter doesn't say the blogger deserves a slap on the face, but the tone and words of the comment communicate that.

An insightful post on fraternal correction written by a seminarian can be found here.

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