April 30, 2011

a tea party for the royal wedding

 Wasn't it beautiful and lovely and even better than any princess movie because it was real?
His uniform, her lace-covered shoulders and arms, that gorgeous, gorgeous veil.
I even liked the trees in the church!

At my house we celebrated with a tea party.  I know, I'm a nerd.
In fact I am such a nerd about this that I couldn't sleep the night before and at 4:30am I realized that I was stupid for tossing and turning - there was a royal wedding on! - and so I came downstairs just in time for the Queen and Prince Phillip to arrive at the Abbey.
I made egg salad while sitting on my living room floor, taking in every moment.

And right there, mayo in hand, I realized that Kate Middleton will now be my #1 fashion influence.

Back to the tea party:
I had hopes of showing the wedding so my friends and I could gush over the dress, the tiarra, the groom, the best man(!) but technical difficulties wouldn't allow it. 
So instead our children ran around like mad and we watched highlights on tv.  We also had a cup of tea with two lumps of sugar because it felt like a British thing to do. 

For further evidence of my nerdiness I actually researched what to serve at a British tea.  So we had sandwiches, off which I cut the crust, home made scones with strawberry jam and cream, and cake.  I also had crackers, cheese, and fruit because I wanted my friends to still like me instead of finding me annoying for only feeding their children cake with coffee frosting and then sending them home for nap time.
(Recipes for the scones, egg salad, and coffee frosting used on the cake can be found at the bonnie dinner table.)

The above picture is from my breakfast this morning. 
I did not eat cake for breakfast but I looked at it longingly.
Longingly, people.


  1. My mom and I got up at 3:45 to watch the entire thing. We had big hats on (okay, maybe they were beach hats but who cares), drank tea and had homemade scones. It was so much fun!! I bet your party was a blast!


  2. Ash, that is a perfect example of why we are friends.

  3. I wish I could have been at your tea party!!! Tess is teething and having horrible nights--so I woke up at 6:01 AM and screamed "THEY ARE ARRIVING AT THE CHURCH THIS VERY SECOND!" I woke up my 3 girls and turned on the royal you tube channel. I made tea. Then I woke up my son. My husband cheerfully joined the party. So fun! I love having 3 girls.

    (PS I had the funniest Easter conversation about the wedding. My baby brother started telling me all the details he saw from the Lifetime movie while my sister kept saying "it is ridiculous to have this on the front page when there are all of these real troubles in the world." Such a funny contrast.)

  4. Unfortunately, no part of me was able to get up that early to watch the wedding, but of course I watched tons of highlights. Kate is absolutely beautiful! I LOVED her dress. Her dress was the exact image in mind I always had for my own wedding dress! I love the laced long sleeves! She was just so elegant. I actually just told Nick that I wish we could pull those big hats over here in the states. Then again, I also wish we could still pull off old 40s and 50s dresses and bathing suits. Style was so great back then. :)

  5. I'm going to assume that if I was in town, I would have been invited... right?

    And I would have ONLY gotten out of bed at that hour to share the moment with you and your kids - because I thought about watching it for a mili second and then went right back to sleep.

    Looks like you had fun!