April 30, 2011

I just might download this song

I love PBS for many reasons, PBS Kids being at the top of the list.

I love this song, which they play in between shows, and I sing it throughout the day.

I may be adding this song to my workout playlist. Seriously, after seven years I'm taking up running again so I can lose the baby weight and this song might just motivate my butt to move the same way Because We Can (from Moulin Rogue!) and All the Single Ladies do.

Anyone else have some good, motivating music?


  1. And yes, I do realize how corny it is that I am motivated by a Seasame Street song.


    What I am is FUN and I'll keep getting stronger. ;)

  2. My new fav song is April Smith's Movie Loves a Screen. I imagine that would be fun to run to. I had Busta Move on my mix, and Duffy's Mercy.

    Love that Sesame Street song too

    haha, my word verification is "manic"

  3. PS -- take it from me, don't try to run too much at first or you'll get shin splints :/ Ease into it, I started a couch to 5K program last time that helped me pace myself and avoid shin splints and injury.

    As much as running sucks, it is also liberating...like it's just you and your legs and your thoughts

  4. I agree with Lisa about easing into running. Jude and I started a month or two ago to get rid of my baby weight and after pushing through the sucky parts it does get much better.

    I don't have any particular songs to add because Jude and I just talk through it to help distract me from running, but when I ran solo a few years ago, I liked listening to The Black Keys.

    And my identification word is parki. Cute.

  5. I think I've recommended this to you before.. But my go to song when I need a little boost of energy is Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch...and you can't go wrong with a good New Kids on the Block mix!

  6. I don't usually run with music unless I'm running for quite a while, and I'm pretty helpless when it comes to getting music on an MP3 player. Consequently, Bad Religion, Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Braid, Rainer Maria, and Mason Jennings were ALL I listened to for the last four months. You'd think listening to music from high school would be boring, but it provoked a lot of memory rewriting (it's all now training music and conjures up images of pretty runs and endorphins vs the former high school angst) and was kind of fun.

    Point being: maybe reconsider music you used to like and haven't listened to in a while or thought you outgrew?

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I just heard a great song that is motivating lyrically and tempo.
    I will follow Him - the Sister Act version.


  8. Oooo! An admittedly hipster-y suggestion, but it's got a fantastic beat and charmingly sweet lyrics. It's called Devotion, by the Stereo. Sample it on iTunes! (There isn't a youtube version of it...hmph). You'll like it.


  9. Bonnie, I'm so glad you admitted to this! LOL I sing it all day long too! But I've looked for it on itunes and amazon and i haven't been able to find it. If you do, will you let me know?

  10. Just found your blog via another blog I read, and I am fascinated by your story of James. God is truly amazing!