April 4, 2011

Ten Facts About Me and My Better Half

Yes, I know Betty Beguiles did this last week.  Whatever.  I am so last week.

Okay, really, I thought this was sweet and wanted to join in but with JF's surgery and four out of the five of us being sick (including L's 103.5 degree temp) I couldn't hop on the bus right away.  But here I go now!

The first day we met I made him rearrange furniture with me.  I was wearing a skirt and he was wearing a sleeveless t shirt. 

Our first kiss came while we were doing something illegal.  Scandalous!

We were friends for almost 2 years when we both realized that  God had blessed our friendship and we were in love.  Once we realized it we spared no time: 2 weeks later we had our wedding date picked out, 4 weeks after that we were officially engaged, and almost 7 months after that we were married.

We got married during the Season of Christmas on the vigil of the feast of the Holy Family.  It was beautiful.

Going to bed every night is like being at a slumber party in middle school - we lay awake talking for way too long.  Getting into bed at the end of the day, snuggling up to my husband, and talking and laughing with Travis is the best part of every day.

The illegal thing we were doing in #2?  Mushroom hunting at a state park.  Not so scandalous after all.

We have pretty traditional roles in our house.  Travis does manly things like fixes and builds things, mows the yard, takes out the garbage, works on the cars, and watches movies with car chases.  I do girly things like bake, make dinner, clean the house, ignore the laundry, and watch movies with Matt Damon.  It's nice for us when the car chase movies feature Mr. Damon.  Thank you, Bourne trilogy.

One of our favorite ways to pass time is to talk about all the things we would do if we won the Mega Millions.  The list includes: buying land with a creek or pond and woods, building our dream home (which is actually fairly modest but will include a nice man cave outbuilding and pool), giving our parents large sums of money, giving my alma mater money to renovate their science hall, among other things.

Travis and I love to host.  We love having people over and getting together with friends and family.

Almost every Wednesday I say to Travis, "Bones  is on tonight!" And then he shakes his head and laughs at me because Bones is on Thursdays and has been for a very long time.   I am honestly that forgetful.

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  1. I like #7 (we're similar!).

    I enjoy your blog very much. Hope you're having a good day! :)

  2. I wish the four of us could hang out.

    We plan our future with millions too! Also a modest dream home with a man cave (but a lake instead of a creek).

  3. Reading your blog makes me happy. It makes me feel a connection to you and your family, though I never call and am terrible at keeping in touch. That was a great list!

  4. Bonnie, from Aunt Nita. I loved reading this. It is so awesome after all you have been through to have you list those simple things in life that give you such pleasure and symbolizes the love that you and your husband share. God has definitely blessed you both. Also, loved the glitter poop thing with Bennet.lol