April 27, 2011

this is what we've been up to

bottle feeding dinosaurs

getting awesome bed head

being remarkably cute

following in big brother's footsteps (of being cute)

getting a first haircut from a new aunt

hanging out

eating the fruits of our labor



checking out the Easter booty

growing a double chin

attempting family pictures

stringing together 1/2 off decorations purchased at the local grocery store.

Hope you're having fun at your place!


  1. There is so much joy in these photos! Glad to see (and read) that Easter went well for you and your family!

  2. Great pics! Is that Doug's wife?

  3. Bonnie, your pictures are awesome. Such beautiful children. Bennet is an absolute spitting image of Travis. It's almost kind of scary. :)I love the one of them trying to pose for a family picture. James looks like a little man already!

  4. I can't believe how big your kids look! Has it been that long since I've seen them?! Anyway, I would also like to note that that is awesome bed head. I might just have to take a picture of my bed head to show you how bad it is -- I would much rather have yours.

  5. You and Travis have some beautiful children! Happy Easter Ms. Bonnie!

  6. Love these photos. I can't believe what a little girl Lydia is becoming. She is looking more and more like you every day. Gorgeous. James is such a cutie pie... and might I add that I love his olive skin. Lucky boy. Bennet looks like such a happy baby. You have a very beautiful family, Burn. Loves!

  7. I love love love love that Lydia got her hair done by Angie. I miss you guys. Know of my prayers for you and your family!

  8. The double chin picture of James has me in tears. What a blessing and gift from God!

  9. Your children are beautiful!