May 24, 2011

What I want for my 30th birthday

Wonder blogger Hallie Lord is beginning a new career as a Personal Shopper.  She has a variety of packages, all which include an hour long phone consultation and an inspiration board featuring outfit(s) that are available for purchase online.  Prices range from $25 - $150.  Totally worth it.  Plus, she promises to work with her customers until they are satisfied. 

Personally, I'd like the Consultation:
Do you prefer to do your own shopping but aren’t sure where to begin? Let’s chat! I’ll give you some tips over the phone and then create a storyboard just for you illustrating my suggestions so that you can go out and shop more fruitfully!

I am in serious need of some help for how to dress a fat body that looks 7 months pregnant.  Especially now that I'm almost 30 and the mother of 3.  What the heck is even appropriate for me to wear now that I'm not young and hot?

If you're interested in hiring Hallie, or in getting a gift certificate for someone (that's not a cheap attempt to get one of you to buy me a gift certificate - I'm just saying they're available!) please check out her site here!


  1. If you find out what is appropriate for almost 30 moms that would like to be modest but cute let me know! I've been battling with this one lately, esp because I don't want to spend much on clothes and I just can't pick out things that are "my style." I need things to be just as practical as they are cute. I will say that camis and tanks from and have helped in the past to give tops a bit more coverage. (now if they would just make a nursing cami that goes high enough on the chest and long in the waist... )

  2. I find myself in this situation a lot, especially with my work clothes. I found my solution: TJMaxx, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory... these aren't the same stores they used to be; in fact, they have really started to offer brands that don't look like my grandma or my college self. It takes a lot of time to go through the racks, so if I'm short on time I'll scour through the racks for the brands, then go on eBay and look for the stuff. It's consumed a lot of my free time, but I've saved a lot of money doing this. Just make sure you try on LOTS of stuff to see the brands that fit correctly and then you'll have no problems. (PS Talbots and Larry Levine are very nice to my mommy hips/tummy...)

    Hope this helps. :)