June 15, 2011

for Pete's sake

In honor of my first child, Peter Mark, who we lost to miscarriage, I would love to pray for your intentions that are related to infertility or the loss of a child.

Please leave your prayer intention - for yourself or someone you know - in the comment box. Commenters may leave their name or be anonymous. You may share as little or as much as you like. With great respect, dignity, and affection I would like to pray for you, your pain, your grief, and your hope.

I, of course, invite all those who comment or read the comments to join me in praying for one another.

Thank you for this privilege.


  1. Please pray for Jimmy and Jenny who lost three of their children Tuesday in a car accident.
    Please pray for the souls of Janelle, Danelle, and Savannah.

  2. Please pray for my 2 sons and their wives, one lost a child to miscarriage today and the other has trouble conceiving.

  3. Pray for A and R as they mourn the death of their baby girl.

  4. Please pray for Nathan and I. We requested to be presented to a birthmother a few weeks ago and waited anxiously to hear anything. Then we found out she chose another family. I know it's not quite as bad as having a miscarriage, but our hearts were broken. We are halfway through our contract with our adoption agency and I am starting to feel frightened that we may never be parents. And you know me, I want nothing more than that.

    Also, please pray for my friend C and my friend A who are both trying to conceive and are each having difficulty with it.

    Nathan's cousin and his wife lost their first daughter when she was 10 days old almost exactly six years ago and even though they have adopted a beautiful baby girl since then, I know they still feel Naomi's loss very deeply. Please pray for them.

    I love you, my dear friend, you really are an inspirational woman.

  5. Please pray as we try to adopt a child into our family.

  6. Please pray for C, who is expecting her first child after a very long struggle with infertility. Please also pray for me and my husband as we approach the second anniversary of our second miscarriage, and that we are able to get sufficient health insurance to figure out what is causing our secondary infertility.

  7. I just received some very sad news about 15 minutes ago. Please pray for my cousin Maureen and her husband AJ. She was nine weeks pregnant for the first time--with twins--and just lost them. They long to be parents and are hopeful that they will be in time, but their hearts will always feel this loss. Thank you for praying, Bonnie, and please know that I will do the same for you.

  8. Please pray for me. I just got a positive pregnancy test this morning! I am only 4 weeks along, but am feeling a little crampy. I had a miscarriage 4 years ago at 10 weeks and i pray that i do not have to go through that again (if i must miscarry i ask that it be early rather than so late). But please pray that this baby stays - this will be our fourth child. thank you and i will join you in praying for all these other intentions.

  9. Please pray for all the families currently pursuing foster care and adoption through Catholic Charities, as they await the decision on whether those services will continue due to the recent same-sex civil union law in Illinois.