August 5, 2011

7 really quick takes

1- Hey!  It's the Magnetic Fields!  "True I'm in love with you but you might decide I'm a nut.  Give me a week or two to go absolutely cuckoo."

2 - Here's a little introvert appreciation article from the Atlantic.  When I take personality tests I always come out an introvert, though I am pretty close to even between extrovert and introvert.  I think that's called a "slightly expressed introvert" or something like that.  Anyways, the line I most identify with is this one:  (many actors, I've read, are introverts, and many introverts, when socializing, feel like actors.  When I worked in Admissions and campus ministry I always felt like I had to "turn myself to on" when I went to work.  I was definitely acting the part of a cheerful, outgoing hostess and it was exhausting!

What are you?  Introvert or extrovert?  And if you tell me you're a choleric phlegmatic I'm not going to know what you're talking about and just say, "Bless you."

3 - Currently I am 1/2 dressed (as in wearing my nightgown and jeans) and ignoring the dishes that need to be done.  Whoops.

4 - If you liked #1 then may I recommend The Book of Love, I Think I Need a New Heart, and Abigail, Belle of Kilronan also by The Magnetic Fields. 

5- The kids were potty training a teddy bear this morning and he accidentally fell in the toilet.  Clean water, a toilet that was scrubbed really well on Tuesday.  Do I throw the bear away?  Try to wash it?  Let it dry and call it good enough?  What would you do?

6 - Tomorrow is a party for my two brothers.  Recently they have both been promoted at work.   The talents and knowledge they bring to their work are really impressive and I'm glad they have both been recognized.  I'm very proud of my brothers - they are excellent men.

7 - My most stunning recent accomplishment is that I did not over eat at lunch yesterday.  Yay for me!


  1. Wash the bear & don't worry about it...LOL that they were trying to potty train the darn thing at all!

  2. eh-just let it dry.

    I was just talking about introverts/extroverts today. I am, without a doubt, an extrovert married to an introvert.

  3. I love #1, but, duh...

    I'm always in between introvert and extrovert to. I can't wait to read that article. And I think that I'm Meloncholic-Sanguine (which apparently doesn't exist and I know, doesn't mean anything to you) so hearing your personality type makes me feel less alone in the world.

    I would let the bear dry and if I was already doing a load, I'd throw it in. But that stuff doesn't bother me.

    I wish your #7 was my #7 today... whoops.

  4. I'd wash the bear, just to be sure. Don't throw it out, though! It's not the poor bear's fault.

    I was always an extreme extrovert, until I married an extreme introvert. Now, while I love being around very close friends, people I don't know very well exhaust me, which never used to happen before.

    I love that you're in jeans and a nightgown.

  5. I'm pretty much the definition of an introvert. I still feel like I am recovering from my missionary work with FOCUS.

    And if I were ever half-dressed, I would not choose the jeans part of getting dressed, no way! Bring on the robe and tennis shoes!