August 10, 2011

celebrating with a cook out

Tonight Travis will stack up the charcoals, lite up the grill, and cook the family some hamburgers.

Around these parts we're celebrating St. Lawrence, the patron saint of cooks and comedians.  St. Lawrence was burned to death on a grill because of his Faith.  He famously told the executioners, "Turn me over; I'm done on this side.

What could be better than a cook out in and a toast of rum and coke in his honor?!

You may think this is gross or sacrilegious.  We think it's fun.


  1. I was just reading about him today, and I think he sounds pretty amazing! Enjoy your day. :)

  2. We are grilling out too! Unfortunately we didn't make it to the church where the grill is in Rome....hopefully we will make it back there someday. Happy Feast of St. Lawrence! Enjoy your cookout!

  3. After St Lawrence's famous line...God said "Well done"