August 18, 2011

cooling baby

Once JF's heart began beating again he was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Children's Hospital of Illinois at OSF St. Francis in Peoria.  There they began what is known as hypothermia treatment or cooling treatment.  This treatment has only been done for 2-3 years in this area of the country and there are not a lot of cooling babies in my area.

I am wanting to speak with other parents of cooling babies.  Does anyone know of another cooling baby out there?  If you do, or you are a parent of a baby who was cooled and you're willing to swap stories, would you please leave a comment or email me at bonnie fandel at g mail dot com?



  1. I have a friend whose baby, born about three weeks ago, was given this treatment. I will see if I can get her in touch with you. She doesn't use email much.

  2. My son is a cooling treatment baby - he was born 9/8/09 and he is doing great today! He is a normal, healthy (almost) 2 year old!!

    I will email you our story :)

  3. My daughter Lucia was born on 9/13/10 and was also cooled. She was airlifted to Childrens Hosp of Philly. Emily Marshall suggested I check out your blog. Mine can be found here (i'm not nearly as active as you though)