September 30, 2011

7 quick takes

--- 1 ---
Mark Shea wrote an article at the National Catholic Register and used JF's story.  The combox went a little crazy and many people seemed to have missed the point that while it is quite impressive that JF's heart began to beat after 61 minutes, the potential miracle is that after 61 minutes he came back to life and is now fine.  Doctors thought he would die or at least be severely disabled.  Their thinking was based on what science and medicine tells us about how the human body works.  You don't get oxygen, you die.  Your organs shut down and don't work so machines have to do the work for you.  Or you die.

Upon the gentle nudging of my editor, Stacy, I was going to go back to the combox and explain that.  And then I saw that long-time Newlywed reader, JoAnna had already done so.  So thank you, JoAnna.  I feel a little too weak right now to fight any emotional fights and I really appreciate you stepping in for me.

--- 2 ---
My newest article at is up now.  Maybe it sounds kinda depressing because I talk about death; or maybe it sounds kinda hokey because I talk so "eloquently" about fall.  Either way, read it for the P.S. at the bottom if for no other reason!

--- 3 ---
Here's something awesome:  a video from a Roman news agency.  The funny thing is that they get two things wrong.  #1 - they report that JF was pulseless for 61 seconds.  Seconds?!  Uh, no.  Try minutes!!!  #2 - they make it sound like the worst thing that would have happened was that JF could have been blind.  Um, blind would have been nothing compared to severe cerebral palsy, brain dead, vegetable, dead...  Trav said I should email them and correct them.  I said it's not my job to correct everyone.  If the Church sees fit to declare this a real miracle then I'm sure the record will be set straight then.  :)

--- 4 ---
How is this for a great picture?  Travis and I went to bed the other night, and we peeked into L's room to see this. 

--- 5 ---
The weather is finally cool enough for slippers, a hot cup of tea, and fall decorations.  Love it!

--- 6 ---
A recent trip to a local pumpkin patch.  In this area Ackerman Farm Pumpkin Patch is the way to go.  The pumpkins are nice and cheap.  The employees are kind and helpful.  And they have all kinds of farm animals for the kids to see.  Here's L and B petting a baby goat. 

I love this picture of L.  Carmel apple sucker in mouth, she makes her way through the pumpkins, carrying the one special pumpkin she finally decided on.

--- 7 ---
Cute kids with their pumpkins and candy. Clearly L and B are saying, "cheese!"
Thanks for reading, friends!  Have a great weekend!
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  1. Wow-those comments are intense! I'm upping my prayers for you Bonnie! That is some serious spiritual warfare you are being called to fight. LOVE the pumpkin pics!

  2. *blush* You're welcome! I notice that no atheists responded to the clarification, so perhaps some hearts and minds will be changed by James' amazing story.

  3. Yay, pictures!! Thank you Bonnie :) Brings back memories of doing that stuff with my mom and dad as a kid. I have a feeling that Lydia and Bennet are gonna be best friends forever. They look so cute together! And James, well, that level of cuteness speaks for itself.

  4. Try not to stress about errors in the reporting of your story. Every time I see a news story that I know about personally, I see errors in the reporting. I don't know why this happens, but it does -- all the time. This is not worth your time to worry about. You have a lovely family and may God bless you!