November 22, 2011

King vs. Twilight

Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” - Stephen King

Thank you, Katie at NFP and Me, for sharing the quote.  I've never read the Twilight books and intend to die not having done so.  Does that sound mean?


  1. Okay, I listened to all the Twilight books. Total guilty pleasure. I hope nobody is seriously comparing them to the Harry Potter series because that is just laughable. Stephen King is right on with that one. I just find Twilight (books, movies, everything) to be good fun. It's a pure cheese fest. I guess there must be people out there who are somehow serious about them... To those people I guess I would say, read some real books. I hope this doesn't apply to your readership because I will look like a real jerk, won't I?