December 8, 2011

7 quick takes

1 - This is probably my all time favorite Christmas carol.  The language is so powerful - long lay the world in sin and error pining...  a thrill of hope... fall on your knees.  I love this rendition of it by Tracy Chapman; I think it's her humming.  The way she sings it reminds me of something I would sing to my babies as I rock them to sleep on a winter's night.  It's so soft and approachable but the power and beauty are still present.  Lovely.

2 - My favorite Sunday of Advent is coming up.  Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent and after two weeks of repenting and longing for our King we Rejoice because we know He is near.  My yet to be typed Ignitum Today post will be about this very thing.  But what a wonderful thing to ponder throughout our day - our God promised to save us and He keeps His promises!

3 - If you live in Central Illinois then I cordially invite you to come to the Cathedral in downtown Peoria for the 10:30am Mass.  The tribunal investigating JF's alleged miraculous healing will be closed.  All the testimony, records, and other documents will be sealed up and sent to Rome.  I have no idea how cool it'll be but it'll probably be really cool. 

4 - I give you two reasons that you *should* come.  #1 You prayed for this alleged miracle to happen.  You are a part of all this!  This is your story, too!  #2 This may be your only opportunity in your lifetime to see how the Church does these things.  I have learned so much already in the process and been really impressed with the detail, truthfulness, and integrety of the process.  Plus, the mini liturgy that happens around these things is so beautiful and medieval feeling.  And I mean that in the best possible way.

5 - This morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground.  Pretty and promising for a person who likes snow.  The best part was the kids looking out each window and shouting about the snow.  The wonder and joy of a child...

6 - In case you have not yet seen the Catholic Throwdown between Jack White and Stephen Colbert you should really, really go watch it.  Be warned there is super strong language and little or sensitive ears should not listen.  Despite the language, what I love about the clip is that both men clearly respect and love the faith they were raised in and have a lot of pride in being Catholic.  It's also nice to see people in the media enjoying their faith.  Here's the Colbert Nation Catholic Throwdown link.

7 - If you're in need of some new Christmas music I highly suggest the Indie Christmas Pandora station.  Hat tip to Rachel for that one!


  1. I love that video, thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so happy for everything in this situation, and if we werent 3452334 miles away, I would love to be there.

  3. We - esp. my husband - are huge Stephen Colbert fans. Thanks for sharing the clip; I've forwarded it on to my hubby, who's sure to enjoy it!

  4. "'Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth"
    I love that song, too. (And I can even play a simple version on my piano!)


  5. Hi Bonnie, I've been a lurker for some time- I love your blog! I've been hearing about James' alleged miracle from family and friends back home in the NW suburbs of Chicago more and more and I just wanted to say how fun it is to have heard about it from you first! Happy Advent!