February 17, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Thank you, Pandora Radio, for the above song.  About a minute into it sounds like something off the Graceland album.  And that is such a good album.  mmm-mmmm.  (That was a Lady Blacksmith Mambazo impression from "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" in case you missed it.)

2 - I have been very emotional lately.  Pregnancy hormones are to blame, of course.  So are memories of the NICU.  I was asked to be part of a panel suggesting improvements for the cooling therapy and communication with / integration of families.  Making my Top Ten list had me sobbing, so clearly there are still some things I haven't dealt with yet.  I think, though, that doing this panel will make me feel better as I work through different situations.  Hoping.

3 - I baked an apple pie yesterday because I just wanted an apple pie.  It was a good decision.  So what if dinner was late?  Nothing is better than warm apple pie on a hopeless day.

4 - In exciting news Betty Duffy is coming to the Behold Conference.  Betty Duffy!  Love her!  So see, there's one more reason why you should make the drive and come!  Come!  You can register right now if you want.  I'll wait for you to come back so we can finish these quick takes.

5 - For a long time JF was afraid of stairs.  He managed to get stuck on the bottom on a few times (while I was upstairs showering) and then he just avoided them for a long time.  However, I've been working with him on doing stairs since the baby will be here soon and we need to get this done!  So I'm very happy to say that yesterday he just took off and walk-crawled all the way up the stairs to the second story.  He did it perfectly and we were all proud - most especially him.  The baby gate has come back out.

6 - Today I'm buying tickets for the local JJ Heller - Audrey Assad show.  So excited!

7 - Travis is going out of town tomorrow to do some work on a friends cabin.  We need money, badly, so the arrangement will have to work of pregnant me + 2 -3 kids who do not sleep through the night, all alone.  You can pray for me.  You can also hire Travis to do handyman jobs or renovations at your house, especially if you live 40 mins or less away.  We can all win.


  1. Will pray for sleep - I know I do before Steve leaves on his trips!

    YAY, James! Such a big boy. I cannot believe how far he's come, and he has been on my mind with the miracle Gospel readings lately. : )

    Betty Duffy - the day just keeps getting better and better!

  2. I'm not a big concert person, but that concert sounds fun because 1. I like the price and 2. I like the people going and 3. it would be nice to do some adult things.

    Love the song!!!

    And amen to the apple pie!! That sounds wonderful! I would say that and warm homemade chocolate chip cookies can soothe any wound. I admit to making "light" chocolate chip cookies on three different occasions over the past month. And eating them all within a few days. By myself.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Also, we'll probably ask Travis to do some work for us this summer. But only if you and the kiddos come out for part of it to play. Unless you are having a baby ;)

  3. Regarding #2, it's been almost three years since my emergency c-section with my son and memories of that week still bring me to tears. I also don't think that I'll be able to get through March 1st (the day last year when Daniel almost died and they almost put him on ECMO) for a really long time without something welling up in me. These things take time and your tears will be a blessing for the NICU parents who are dealing with situations like yours. I know for me it helped to know that you can get through it.