February 9, 2012

two things I want to say

There's a lot of confusion out there about why Catholics are pissed about the HHS mandate. Let me say just two little things:
a - It's not about who uses contraception and who doesn't nor is it about how many dissenting Catholics there are or who disagrees with the Church's teaching on contraception. IT'S ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT FORCING RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TO DO SOMETHING THAT GOES AGAINST THEIR CONSCIENCE. And yes, buying someone birth control pills would qualify.
b - If you want birth control to be covered by your provider then DON'T WORK FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! No one is forcing nurses to apply to Catholic hospitals, teachers to Catholic schools, social workers to Catholic charities, secretaries to Catholic organizations, and so on. We're not asking that the HHS mandate be completely removed, just that the religious exemption clause be widened so it can actually be used by most religious institutions.

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