May 25, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Resa's birth story is now up.  You can check it out below this post, or click here.  Though by clicking you will no longer be able to hear this funky, groovy, perfect song.  Thank you, Mr. Stevie Wonder, for writing this piece of music.

2 - Cluster feeding is happening.  Milk is coming in.  I am sore.  She won't nap.  Which means I can't nap. 

3 - I listened to Johnny Cash while laboring with Fesa.  I did that with Ben's birth, too, and it's so helpful.  Highly recommend it.

4 - How 'bout some pictures?

5 - Ben LOVES Baby Resa, as he calls her.  LOVES her.  As soon as he saw her he asked to hold her, and when he did he immediately put his cheek to hers, kissed her, patted her head, commented on how soft her hair was, and then - waving his hand around her - he asked, "Where baby come from?"

6 - L is very interested in how I feed Fesa.  When we first came home from the hospital she asked if she could feed Fesa some babyfood.  I explained she would have to eat milk from my breast.   L asked, "How will she do that?  With hoses?"

7 - JF doesn't know what to think of our newborn but he's pretty ticked that I can't pick him up right now nor hold him while she's nursing.  Poor little boy.

Alright, friends.  Thanks for all the well wishes, love, congrats, prayers, and general nice things you've said.  We appreciate it!  And now it's time to nurse!  Have a fun weekend, and check out for more quick takes!


  1. Congratulations! Your family is beautiful!

  2. Love the pictures! Maybe Johnny Cash bonded Bennet and Resa. :)

  3. Oh Bonnie, thanks for sharing the pictures, they're perfect. Can't wait to meet Teresa!

  4. Love seeing the siblings react to baby for the first time! Paul has been INTERROGATING me for months, so he's like the resident expert on all things newborn- "she won't have teeth or be able to talk and she can only drink mama's milky so no one try and give her any cereal, okay????"


  5. Congratulations, Bonnie! I'm so glad your first hospital birth was not horrible, and I'm really really glad Teresa is all right. Was it the cord that caused her to not be breathing? That is really scary. I'm glad she's okay. You guys must be so exhausted. Prayers coming your way, for lots of rest and a sleepy baby.

  6. I love how proud everyone looks in every single picture! :)

  7. Calah, Good question. The cord was not the reason she wasn't breathing. My midwife said that sometimes babies who get stuck just don't start breathing right away.

    I also know that big babies are more likely to be stillborns and maybe the reason is because they don't breathe. Don't know about that, though.

  8. Congrats. So glad you both are well. Lifting her head already = strong, healthy babe! She is beautiful.

    I, too, have been "enjoying" conversing with my daughter about breastfeeding. Opportunities abound for Theology of the Body even at the earliest of age, right? Waiting for someone to write TOB for preschoolers! :)

  9. So happy for you all.