May 11, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Before you get too far into this song please be warned that a major f bomb is dropped in this one.  I'm pretty much sick of their single, which I posted a few weeks ago.  I can no longer listen to it.  Top 40 radio, you have overplayed and therefore killed another good song, for me anyways.  This song, though was recommended to me by my husband who had a student play it for him earlier this week.

2 - Honestly, I had no idea what song to post here this week.  I've been listening to the Maccabeats a lot lately, especially their cover of Matisyahu's Miracle.  It's how I'm prepping for the birth, weirdly.

If you're in the mood for a Hannukah song, and not a song that sounds a little like The Lion King, then you can watch this one:

3 - And yes, I'm still pregnant.  Last night I had some pretty strong, long contractions but whenever I'd sit and rest they'd stop.  I was tempted to go for a walk or scrub my tubs or something but overall I'm just too tired to do a bunch of work for something that would end once I sat down.

4 - Today I will have my first one of these since last fall.
Aaahhhh!  Pioneer Woman's iced coffee.  I bought Bailey's creamer just to go with it.  I am excited.

5 - For Mother's Day I'm doing this awesome thing:  hanging out with my mom without the kids.  Maybe it's bad that on the day that celebrates my motherhood the one thing I want is to be by myself with another adult.  No diapers, holding, correcting, wiping, feeding, buckling in, buckling out... 

6 - Today we have a playdate and since I am not in labor we will be there!  Yay for playdates!

7 - Courtesy of Netflix my kids are now fans of three staples from my childhood:  Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and My Little Ponies.  The Ponies and Shortcake and updated, ya know, but I still like that L loves what I loved as a little girl. 

Hallie's hosting Quick Takes this week.  Please pray for Jennifer, the soul of the man who was in the motorcycle accident she witnessed, and his loved ones.  Thanks.


  1. #7- And the old stuff is WAY better than the new stuff!!!

    Totally trying that iced coffee.

  2. LOVE the Pioneer Woman!! Have you read her book 'From high heels to tractor wheels'? HILARIOUS!!! I recommend it if you haven't. It's a quick and easy read with no thought required (My kind of book!)

  3. I'm on a small Fun. kick, too. You always seem to post a song just for me...

    And your mother's day plan sounds uh-mazing.

  4. The blow-out hair-dos on on the ponies and Ms. Shortcake totally crack me up, but I know it's 'safe' viewing, so I'm happy to turn a blind eye.

    Maybe you'll have a mother's day baby! Not that I want your awesome day to be ruined or anything, but then you wouldn't be pregnant anymore, which is AWESOME!

  5. I Love sharing bits of my childhood with my girls! But Mary, 6 hadnightmares for weeks because of the Care Bears. Who would have thought...

  6. Thank you for posting that Fun. song! I'm more of a bandwagon listener...only if I've discovered a band prior to them being on the radio do I know more than one or two of their thanks for expanding my musical world! :)

  7. I had to chuckle about #5. It is so true that, right now when I dream about naptime or a trip to the grocery store after the kids go to bed is a treat, the thing I want on Mother's day is to be left alone. I try to remind myself that I will miss them immensely in 20 years and hope that they want to spend that time with me. And, yes, I spent Mother's day--being mommy.