June 15, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - This infectious song just got so much better.  The guy on the right, rockin' out on the xylophone on wheels and the one on the left with the kazoo are my faves.  That is, they're my favorites not counting Jimmy Fallon.  I love watching Fallon enjoying himself, it makes me happy seeing him so happy.  I hope this song and video make you smile the way it did for Travis and me. 

2 - Remember when our house looked like this?

 It looks like this now:
With some lovely landscaping that looks like this:
Okay, well you can't see the landscaping so well but believe me, it looks wonderful.

3 - When I was pregnant with Resa I had no energy what-so-ever.  Getting myself and three kids dressed and out of the house before 9am was a ginormous feat.  And so now, three weeks postpartum, I am thrilled to have the energy to actually do things. 
Wednesday's weather was beautiful and while Resa napped the rest of the family was outside.  L and I planted some flowers and it was a wonderful remedy for how I'd been feeling.

4 - Yesterday Travis did some stuff around the house that needed to be crossed off our to do list.  The first "To Do" was to hang the light fixture over our kitchen sink.

The second thing was to install a spicket on the outside of our house.  He'll hook up the plumbing once the mortar is all set and we'll finally have a hose outside!  This means good things for water fun this long, hot summer.

5 - Last week I said I was getting some short bangs.  My hair dresser / sister-in-law was hesitant and it took me a few days to figure out how to best style them but I think they turned out pretty well. I was hoping for something kinda hip but I may have only gotten nerdy but I still like them.  Oh well.

6 - Now that fair season is upon us I feel like summer is really here.  Our family went to a Turkey Festival in a local town.  Travis and I kept to our diets and didn't eat anything (it was horrible!).  I thought I was being a good mom and bought 6 tickets thinking my two eldest would get to each ride 3 rides.  What an idiot I was!  One ride each for $3 a pop.  L chose the carousel and Ben the train.  JF and Resa hung out in the stroller and then we left.

7 - Resa will be baptized this Sunday at our 9am Mass with a celebratory brunch to follow.  I've got some breakfast casseroles to make, fruit salad to prep, and a DQ ice cream cake to buy. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Click on over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I love that video too! I have the exact feeling about Jimmy Fallon. He's just such a sweetie.

    Your house looks fantastic. You guys have come such a long way!

    I like your bangs. I'm thinking of getting all my chopped.... short short. Still on the fence, though.

    Good job sticking to your diet at a festival, even if it was terrible. :) I've been awful with my diet and have gained back everything I lost last year and can't seem to get back on track. I'm rooting for you and Travis! Inspire me! :)

    That last picture of Bennet is totally adorable.

  2. Your house looks so good! I wish we had that fixer upper talent!

  3. Are those day lilies? I do love day lilies! And your house looks great!

  4. Your house looks great Bonnie! You guys put so much hard work into it, it must be nice to see the finished product. You guys did a really fantastic job. Nice work!

  5. Your house looks great. And I like the bangs. I'm tired of them on myself, but I think they're cute on other people.

  6. I love that picture of Bennet. He is so handsome! I thought of him during the Metropolis baby contest. I told Nick that Bennet would've beaten all the 2 year old boys! I'm so smitten with that boy of yours! He is the cutest 2 year old I have ever seen!

  7. Beautiful transformation on the house! Beautiful kids, too. I like your bangs.

  8. totally hip bangs and i love the house transformation! :-)

  9. Omgoodness! I LOVE Jimmy Fallen too! He is hysterical and makes me laugh! I use to watch him all the time when we first had Beau...you know those late nights...but not so much anymore. This video was great and reminded me how much I enjoy Jimmy Fallen...maybe I will have to stay up late next week:)

    CUTE house! And LOVe the bangs!

  10. James looks so grown up in that picture of he and Teresa! I can't believe it!

    Also, your bangs look great.

  11. Your house looks great! Maybe you could send the hubs my way to hang a light above my kitchen sink. I've been waiting for about a year for mine. :)