July 27, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Happy Friday!

2 - Yesterday a reporter from the ABC affiliate in Springfield, IL came to the house for an interview.  I was a little nervous since I am never sure how the secular media will represent the Church so I was completely delighted when I opened my door and immediately recognized the reporter.  We have a mutual friend and so I had heard of him, seen his picture, and knew he is a solid Catholic.  God is so good!

3 - I'm excited about the Olympics but I'm also a little confused - the countdown on the official London Olympic website says the opening is in 5 hours (I'm writing this at 9:30 am).  So I guess I'll just be ready at 2 and leave NBC on for the rest of the day!

4 - Easiest baby ever.   Two months, completely adorable.  She fell asleep while playing.

5 - Check out all the school supplies for Diane's Garden!  People are so generous!

6 - Cute pictures of the kiddos:
L with Sr. Marie Noelle, O.P.  It was a great trip and I'll post more about it next week.  I'll tell you about how I scared a couple of nuns and tips for keeping my 4 year old happy during an 8 hour car ride.

Ben and his trains.

JF and his cute, cheesy smile.

My sweet little Resa.

7 - Travis goes back to work in two weeks!  Two weeks!  I am not ready for him to be gone and it's probably time I start working on a routine so things are easier when he's gone.  Summer always goes so quickly.


  1. Beautiful children. And So glad about the reporter! I'm sure it made it much easier or at least helped you feel at ease anyway.

  2. I read you were leaving James behind on the trip because he's 22 months old and it's a long car ride. How I can relate! I don't blame you a bit. :-) He's such a total cutie in this picture. What a killer smile. I'm glad Teresa has been an easy baby for you. I'm sure that helps. I, too, am floored summer is over. I go back to work next week. My kids and husband are going to be in shock when "working mom" returns to our home. She's a lot different than "stay at home mom". And it's generally not pretty.

  3. Wow, James has a fantastic smile! I have an eight month old daughter, and your baby is still giving me baby lust! Love the elephant shirt too.