August 16, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - So maybe I'm on a Walk the Moon kick right now.  I need music that will get me movin', ya know.  I got dishes to do, pancakes to flip, a Thomas train track to build in a figure 8 so that it has to include a bridge and tunnel, a baby to nurse, and a miracle boy to read From Head to Toe to for the 80 billionth time.  I'm busy, people!  I need some pep in my step.
Can you do it?  I can do it!

2 - My newest article at Ignitum Today is up.  It's called "The story of a house: one person's redemptive suffering is another's second chance."  So I broke the rule about short titles. *shrug*  Go read it!  Share it with your friends and your grandma!  She'll love it!

3 - The article is about my friends Alisha and Jude and this amazing thing that happened to them when they sold their house.  I even did an interview with Alisha for the post, which was a lot of fun, really long, and had many fun tangents - including one about gravy.

4 - I still have a cough and a sore throat from my stupid sickness.  Last week was horrible and when I went to the doctor he looked at my throat and said, "Ah, that's gross!"  Then he laughed and gave me a prescription.  I feel better in every other way but I still have this dumb cough.

5 - Travis and I love our family practitioner.  Who may or may not read this blog... I'm not sure.  (Hey, Mark, if you're reading.)  I asked him if I'd be well enough to go to my family reunion, which was last Sunday.  He said yes but that if I didn't want to go he'd write me a note.

6 - While at the family reunion I was holding Ben when one of my great aunts approached.  "Is this your son?" she asked me.  "Yes.  This is Ben," I said proudly.  She looked disappointed and confused and then told me she wanted to see the miracle baby she was reading about in the papers.  Poor Ben - she doesn't know what she was missing out on!

7 - This past week I've continued to keep a fairly low profile, mostly because of the dang cough.  The kids and I have walked to the park, had home-made pancakes for breakfast, and even done crafts. (!)  The days have been pretty smooth and I have realized that the thing that makes this possible is if I do not shower until quiet time.  Me in my pajamas until 2pm = everyone's happy.  I'm glad to know how to make it work, but I think that it's not too practical.


  1. I don't/can't shower until quiet time either. And even then I only do it every other or every third day. Sometimes you just gotta do, yo.

  2. #7 is not practical? I do this If I have to leave the house in the morning, I throw on clothes without showering and the clerks at wherever just have to deal with it. Rock the late shower!

  3. So all these posts I've read about getting up early, before the kids, showering and not leaving your room until the hair is perfect and make up done - those posts are just as unrealistic for other people as they are for me?!!

    It's still feels "not too practical" because my whole life I've been a morning shower person and I don't feel ready for the day until I shower. But this also lets me work out during quiet time and then get clean, and I have a hard time fitting excercise into my day when Travis is back to work.

  4. I think some people find what works for them. I enjoy hearing both sides because I am def. on the side of NOT showering in the morning. I've tried (it's nice) but it doesn't always happen. I'm a workout in the evening/shower in the evening kind of gal...because that's what works for me.

    As for it being unrealistic for other women who can do it, I applaud those who can find a way to start their day like that. It's hard to see/read/hear b/c I find it easy to compare myself to them, but then again, I realize that comparing is something I really shouldn't be doing anyway. I do too much of it already and it makes me feel like crap. We, as mothers, are not crap. We do what works and hope for the best. I say there's a lot of merit in that. Putting on make-up or otherwise. Lately, I've been really on board with celebrating the good things that others are good at! Seriously. Homemade pancakes? You go, lady. I am all about just pouring a bowl of cereal :) sorry for the long, drawn-out soapbox by me. But #7 struck a chord with me, only b/c it's something I've been thinking a lot about lately...and even wrestling with? Bottom line? You're a good mama. Practicality is what works for you at the moment ;)

  5. #6 -- Poor Bennet! That's rough coming from family.

    #7 -- I think in an ideal, perfect world, the mother would be up and showered and dressed before any of the children are awake. Ha! I'm not even sure this is even possible in my house. We have 'discussions' with the nearly seven year old telling her she cannot set her alarm before 6am.

    So I say have morning clothes that aren't pajamas, then at quiet time, exercise and shower, and then put on some nicer evening clothes.

  6. With two under two I'm doing lots of staying in pjs until nap! I smell fresh when the hubby comes home which doesn't happen when I shower before the kids are up!
    To each his own and to each season of our lives!