August 31, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Um, I love the following things about this song:
 a) how clean it sounds, not the lyrics of course but the singing, guitar, and air... if that makes any sense at all
 b) her red lipstick.  Probably when I'm 65 I'll have enough gumption and "I don't give a damn" about me to actually wear red lipstick.  And in the meantime I'll just wish I could pull it off now.
 c) the lyric about wiping the counters. way to my heart, I guess.  sigh.
 d) autumn.  Autumn is in the clothes they're wearing and the leaves.  I want autumn now, please.

2 - So the show that I'm making my way through right now is the fabulous White Collar.  You're probably already watching it, but if you're not let me fill you in:  The show is about a con-man on a sort of work release program with an FBI agent who deals with white collar crimes.  You can watch it instantly on Netflix.  Travis and I are both fans and probably my favorite part about it is there is no swearing, violence, or sex scenes.  Really.  Truly.  It's also very cleverly written.  Oh, and I like Mozzie.  Watch the show just for Mozzie.  He's the best.

3 - If you're looking for some new meals to try we had a successful week.  I highly recommend:
Pioneer Woman's Simple Hearty White Chili
Tyler Florence's Chicken Enchiladas
- Burgers, cooked on the grill, topped with tomatoes from our garden and seasoned with Excalibur Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub.  They're not paying me to say this (though they could by sending us free samples!) but their stuff is the. best. Period.
Rachael Ray's Mexican Lasagna (except I don't cut up the tortillas, I just bake it in my round Corning Ware dish.

4 - Here's some adorable pictures of my kids.
Ben got sent to time out.  When I went in to talk with him about it he was asleep.   He'd literally cried himself to sleep.  


They're so big!  And sassy.

Princess Resa, dressed up by her big sister, Princess L.

5 - I got nothin'.

6 - If you need something sweet and heart-warming to read, go read this article: The Business Nine Women Kept a Secret for Three Decades.  But be warned, it'll make you want to buy a pound cake!

7 - After Labor Day weekend I'm going to begin homeschool and official chores.  I'm wondering if I should have some kind of chore chart and daily schedule for the kids.  They can't read but it may help keep me accountable and if I use pictures and words it may be helpful for them.  Do any of you have any opinions on this matter?  I'd love to hear them if you do!


  1. 1. Love the song. And love the red lipstick. As a committed lipstick fan, I can say that red lipstick is all about the attitude, like you said. So next time someone gets you all fired up and full of righteous indignation, grab you some red lipstick and give it a try. You won't even have to wait until you're 65.

    2. Something else...what? Oh! White Collar. Thanks for the tip. I'm always on the lookout for good new TV shows on Netflix.

  2. So... I know I'm not a mom yet, so this is most certainly not a tried-and-true suggestion, but I'm hoping to use this method for chores should I ever have children of my own: So, you know, take that with as much salt as advice from a childless person requires :)

  3. I definitely want to buy pound cake!! How sweet.

    Yes-a simple picture chore chart is a great idea. Keep it SIMPLE. One idea it to laminate the pictures (just use clear packing tape) and attach velcro to the backs. Then they can move the picture from one side ("to-do") to the other side ("done").

  4. Hi Bonnie! I am wondering how far in the season of White Collar you are. I know sometimes shows end up going bad after awhile. You know what I mean? I think sometimes they think they have to get more racy to keep ratings.

    1. Jackie, that's a great point! I watched things out of order so I have seen all of Season 3, though that was awhile ago, all of Season 1, and most of Season 2. There were a few (2, maybe 3 that I can remember) times when Neal was in bed the morning after with a woman and there are a couple of innuendos but I've seen worse in a PG movie. Also, I can think of one episode where they went to a strip club but it was "high end" and they looked more modest than Victoria Secret commercials. So is it perfect, no, but I don't have to pause it if a kid in on us watching it.

      And Season 4 is on tv now but we don't get cable and I can't attest to that one.

  5. Bonnie, We started using these chore cards last year and they have really worked well for us.
    We just started with morning chores and instead of making them into book form I strung them down a ribbon, one ribbon for each kid. each ribbon has a clothespin on it that starts at the top and they move it down as they complete each task.
    also we love White collar! Great show!


  6. 2.) My mom is totally addicted to "White Collar" so I watch when I'm visiting.

    3.) I <3 the Pioneer Woman.

    6.) I had heard that story and it is made of awesome.

    7.) My son's autism class actually does this with PEXS cards with velcro on the back. When the kids come in, they "check their schedule" and there is a vertical line of pictures depicting what they'll be doing. For example, the "handwriting" card is stuck on there first and below it is stuck the one for "playtime". It's great because the kids know what will be happening and it doesn't require any reading skills that they haven't developed yet.

  7. Girl, rock that red lipstick. You can totally pull it off. I started wearing actual lipcolor after bebe #2 was born this spring, and I find it nicely camouflages sleepless nights and my new -ahem- mom body. Srsly.

  8. Mmmmmm....enchiladas! We need those. Need 'em.

    And YOU need to start wearing bold lipstick. I insist. Nay, demand!

  9. Love the song (duh). Can't wait to watch White Collar (needing something new).

    We do a chart for behavior/chores with the columns as individual days and the rows are the chores/behaviors - different for each child. Beside each thing is a value between 1-25 cents with things they have the most trouble with being more valuable. At the end of the day, they receive a sticker for the things they did well, we dole out the change and they each have three jars (give, save, spend) that we break it down into. We also take money out of their spend jar if time-out isn't working or the action was just really bad, and put it into their give jar. So far, it's going well. The girls just saved up enough money to buy a Crunch bar today, so they're not complaining. But I'm thinking you were looking for something more school like...

  10. My Lydia has that same star shirt and she insists on wearing it all.the.time!