August 21, 2012

News story on JF and Sheen

Hey friends.

WICS News Channel 20, the ABC affiliate in Springfield, IL aired their segment on JF and Sheen's story last night.  I am really impressed with the job that was done by reporter Andrew Hansen, himself a practicing Catholic.

If you want to watch the story please follow the link.  It's worth watching just to see how stinkin' cute JF is at the end of the clip.  Seriously!  Adorable!  (You can even faintly hear Andrew call him a ham.)

Also, every time I tell the story of what Travis said to me in the Labor & Delivery floor I misquote my husband.  I think he said, "JF is alive and everything's going to be fine," but I still have no idea.  It's the same thing, really, in the end...


  1. You're right -- absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What a sweetheart. Good job on the interview!

  3. It was a great segment; I just wish he had mentioned that it was James' alleged miracle that's being used by the Vatican...or maybe he did. Avery was like, "I know her, Mom!" during the whole thing. :)