August 22, 2012

PSA on the Mass of Thanksgiving

I want to make sure everyone knows about the Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate Fulton J. Sheen being named Venerable by Holy Mother Church.

In case you don't know, being named Venerable is the step before Beatification, which is the step before Canonization.  Also, once Sheen was declared Venerable, James' alleged miracle was submitted to the Vatican.  Once it undergoes extensive review by medical experts and theologians, if it is declared a real, true, no-way-it-can-be-explained-medically miracle then Sheen will be named Blessed Fulton Sheen.

This is a really, really big deal, and not because it gives my family and me some kind of 15 minutes of fame.  It is a huge honor from God and really exciting to be part of history - the Church's, our state's, and our culture's.  A man from Peoria is on his way to becoming an official saint and right now there are only two American born saints!

You have an opportunity to be part of something historic!  Please don't take it for granted that this is happening!  Here's some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Here's the important details:
Sunday, September 9, 2012
Cathedral of St. Mary
Diocese of Peoria, Illinois

Doors open at 8:30am.

Holy Hour from 9-10am.
Mission Rosary recited at 10am.
Mass begins at 10:30am.

Seating is open to the public but they are expecting a lot of people at this Mass.
A celebratory brunch is happening following Mass.   Tickets are $50 per person and you can buy one by calling 877-71SHEEN.  (My family is not going to that Mass, we're going home for naps.)

You can get more info by going to Celebrate Sheen!


  1. Also, I wanted to share this: St. Pat's, a local parish, is actually not having their 11am Mass that Sunday because the priests want to be at the Mass and they want their parishioners to be at the Mass. We happened to be at their Vigil Mass this past weekend and their priest preached about Sheen and encouraged his congregation to come on the 9th. At one point he actually got choked up. It was really beautiful, humbling, awesome.

  2. How exciting! I stumbled upon your blog when I heard about your son's miracle! Looking forward to checking out your blog some more and reading future posts!