September 5, 2012

I am so very sorry

Maybe you've heard about Angela Faddis.  She is a young mom of two little kids.  She is happily married  to a man who loves her very much.  And she is dying of stage 4 colon cancer.  By all accounts she is heroic in her suffering.  She is embracing her cross and, though it feels awkward to say this, there seems to be massive amounts of peace and beauty surrounding Angela, her family, and her last days.

Or maybe you've heard about Marie, whose unborn baby was diagnosed with anencephaly.  She and her family are loving their baby with everything they have, making the most of his life on earth.

These women, their suffering, and their lives were brought to my attention a long time ago and while I have been praying for them privately I have been afraid to pass the prayer requests on to you.

Because sometimes I feel so guilty that while many pray for miracles I have one napping upstairs.  I tried to hide but finally came to the conclusion that my shame was stupid, I was only hurting Angela, Marie, and their loved ones, and that God chooses how His glory is made manifest - not me.

So, with my apologies to the Faddis family and Maire and her family, I ask you to pray for these women and their crosses.  But hopefully you already were.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, hear our prayer.
Christ, graciously hear us.


  1. This was so sad, but so beautiful. I didn't know about either woman or their suffering. Many, many prayers for them and their families.

  2. Thanks for sharing there stories. I also had not heard and will definitely keep them in my prayers.