Monday, January 30, 2012

Important prayer request for Sheen's cause

About an hour ago I got this email from the executive director of the Sheen Foundation:

Dear Friends of Sheen,

I am asking that all our friends of Sheen and anyone you know pray for a special intention for the Sheen Cause tonight.  This is very important.  Eucharistic Adoration and rosaries would be very much appreciated as both were favorite ways to pray to our beloved Archbishop.

Thank you and God Love you,
Msgr. Stanley Deptula
Executive Director

I have no idea what's going on but please pray with me!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - I like David Crowder's voice.  A little raspy.  And then I like even more that it comes out of this thin little man with ridiculous hair.  There's been some buzz about DCB's newest album, mostly because the Protestant band's latest album is called Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C - The Happiest of All Keys).  I don't know why people are so upset about them calling C the happiest of keys... 
Oh, or maybe because people are afraid he's going the way Rich Mullens and Audrey Assad went - to Rome.  Shoot.

2 - Do you listen to Relevant Radio?  Usually I don't - especially in the mornings.  But when I get a tip on a good show I like to dig around in the archives.  Today's Morning Air is one show I dug around for.  The second hour features Msgr Deptula from my Diocese talking about Archbishop Sheen.  The third hour features Kate Wicker talking about glorifying God with our bodies.  She also mentions the Behold Conference several times which is cool.  You can find the links here.

3 - Speaking again of the Behold Conference - let me just say it's amazing all the things that are coming together so wonderfully.  God's Hand is definitely guiding all of us through this process and it's such a blessing to be a part of it.  I sincerely hope you can join us.

4 - This picture is a little old but I wanted to share it with you.  Usually St. Nick only comes to our house on his feast day but this year, well, you can read for yourself:
In case you're wondering, St. Nicholas brought Lydia this letter, some dress-up shoes, and some more gold coin chocolates. 

5 - In a related "parenting success" story, James was wearing some pajamas that were a little too long.  As he walked around the living room Lydia, who is 3 and 1/2, started singing, "Pants on the Ground."  I asked; she learned the song from me.  So proud.  *tear*

6 - Last night I slept for ten hours, having gone to bed at 8:30pm.  By 9:30am I was so tired I had to lay down.  I napped this afternoon.  And I'm still super tired.  I also have a cough.  Ugh.

7 - Lastly, I want to warmly welcome to the world Lucy Anne, who was born to our friends Michael and Susan on Wednesday and Elijah Nathan, born to our friends Margaret and Nathan.  I am so happy for our wonderful friends who have all just entered the lovely, crazy, beautiful world of parenthood!  Please join me in thanking God for Lucy and Elijah.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Marching, marching, marching

Today a quarter of a million people are in Washington D.C. to March for Life.  I hope that when my kids are middle schoolers and older we can make the drive across the country to participate in the March.  But I hope even more that by that time abortion will be illegal and a shameful part of our country's history.

Let me say that I understand many of the reasons parents chose abortion. 

Parenthood is hard.  I had to give up many, many things that I loved in order to be a good and responsible parent.  I continue to make those sacrifices every single day. 

I understand the fear that comes with finding out you're pregnant.  I've held a positive ept and thought, "Oh shit." 

I've wondered where the money will come from and I've worried that I'm just not cut out for the job of motherhood. 

And I have stared long and hard at a baby with special needs, wondering if his life was going to have any good in it at all.  I have thought about the claims that every life has dignity and, looking at a promise of vegetable for a child, I have wondered if it is true.

But despite all that I still know that no matter what I think or feel in a moment there is an absolute truth in this. 
All life is valuable. 
Every person has dignity. 
Every child is a gift. 
God is faithful and generous.

Friday, January 20, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - You may not like country music. Sorry, this week's song is not for you. 

2 - This is what happened in my kitchen last night:

Me - Whoa!  Jeff Cavins is following me on Twitter!  That's crazy!  Why would he do that?  (Feeling all kinds of pressure to be holy, funny, intelligent in my forthcoming tweets, especially since in my head I was thinking, "oh shit!".)

Travis - What?!  I bet it's because of James and Sheen.

Me - Maybe.  I'm gonna check into this...  Oh.  He's following over 6,500 people.  I'm not that special after all.  He doesn't know me or James or anything about us.  Well, that changes things!  (feeling of sweet relief mingled with a touch of humility)

3 - I am a product of public schools.  I am a fabulously lousy pre-school homeschooling mom.  But I totally loved this video.  He brings up a lot of great examples of why I'm a little jealous of my friends who do homeschool. 

4 - Watching the Republican debate.   I didn't even begin to follow this stuff until the candidates are more "manageable".  Four is manageable.  I can research their voting records, go over their websites, etc now that there's four.  In recent history Mikhail Gorbachev said that what Ronald Reagan was able to accomplish with the Cold War Obama never would have been able to do because of Reagan's character:  strong, but a gentleman.  I think Gorbachev would say the same thing about Newt that he said about Obama, and I think that matters. 

5 - Kate Wicker has a guest post up at the Behold blog called "Glorify God in Your Body".  It's great and will give you a little glimpse of what Kate will be talking about at the Behold Conference.  Check it out!

6 - I'm so tired.  So go read Dwija at House Unseen instead.  She's funny and hospitable - what a great combination.

7 - Congrats to all of us for making to the weekend. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cleaning music

We've found that the kids, especially Lydia, are much better about picking up if we put on some cleaning music. I usually put on some fun pop song like Bieber's Baby or Sara Groves' Setting Up the Pins.  Tonight, Travis put on this little ditty, which I must confess I really like. 


I love my husband.  :)

For Joanna

When I posted about what I baked for Christmas one of my readers, Joanna, requested my recipe for chocolate crinkles. 

Joanna, I finally posted the recipe for you!  Please check out my recipe box blog, bonnie dinner table, for the recipe.  I hope your Kate loves them!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a moment of brilliance

Did you know that you can spend $1.70 on 2lbs 14oz of pure applesauce or $.70 on 6oz of babyfood applesauce?  Did you know that it's the same flipping thing but one last much longer and will save you all kinds of money?

Did you know it took me 3 children to figure this out?

What a nincompoop.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peter's birthday / For Pete's Sake

Today is the fourth anniversary of our first child's due date.  It's pretty much all I have of him.  Had Peter survived the pregnancy he would be four years old today. 
I wonder if he would look like me or Travis.  I wonder if he would prefer chocolate or vanilla.  I wonder what would make him laugh.  I wish I could hear him say my name and I wish I could scoop him up in my arms.
Awhile ago someone anonymously mailed me an image of Christ holding a small child.  I consider it my only picture of my son and I greatly appreciate the gift.

For Peter's sake I gather prayer intentions on the 15th of each month.  The intentions can be related to infertility, the loss of a child, a failed adoption - anything that is related to the longing for a child.

As a way to honor the child I lost through miscarriage, Peter Mark, and to share your burden, please allow me to pray for you or your loved ones who are carrying the cross of infertility or loss of a child.

You may share your prayer request in the comment box or by emailing me at bonnie engstrom at gmail dot com.

Comments may be anonymous and please feel free to share as much or as little as you like.

It is an honor to pray for you! Thank you for the privilege!

Friday, January 13, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - This song is a tribute to what I had wanted to happen.

2 - I am on Pinterest.  Are you?  It's true what everyone says about - a great way to have hours of your life sucked away from you.  But it did teach me about the sock bun.
I look cute with a sock bun.  Not gonna lie.

3 - It's also how I learned how to do a simple Gibson Tuck.
I was hoping I'd look really cute with my hair like this.  But I got 0 compliments and my husband told me I looked like an AC.  (That's Apostolic Christian.  I was told once, by an AC, that there are more AC churches in Central Illinois than in the rest of the world combined.  So you may not know what an AC is.  Think strict Baptist meets strict Mennonite.  They're good people.  The women wear skirts, and always have their hair up with a little croqueted covering.)  It's not an insult to be told I look AC, but I would have preferred "pretty", "classy", or even "nice".

4 - Of course I was not trying to look like an AC.  I was a little more inspired by this:
It is true.  The void in my life created once I finished Lost has now been filled by Downton Abbey.  Simply put: I am in love.

5 - Here's a little post I wrote over at the Behold blog.  It's all about how I got involved with Behold in the first place.  Check it out!

6 - There is a youtube video all over the place called "I hate religion, but love Jesus".  It's really well done and you may have seen it.  If you have, I encourage you to read this commentary, written by Marc Barnes. 

7 - We still have our Christmas lights on the front porch and I still turn them on.  Especially now that there's snow I like having them glowing in the night.
Winter is so dark and I love coming home to a dark street with our cheery lights welcoming me.  But I do promise to you all that they won't stay up all year long.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

in case you needed another reason to come to the Behold Conference

I give you Meet the Bloggers:

Behold 2012 is embracing new media and highlighting the vibrant Catholic women’s blogosphere. We call it “Meet the Bloggers.”

Prominent Catholic women bloggers will be at the conference, available to meet Behold attendees and chat about their blogs, books and other topics. In addition, we’ll be brainstorming ideas with these new media women for how to incorporate blogging, podcasts and new media more fully into future years.

Confirmed bloggers include:
- Jennifer Fulwiler
- Hallie Lord
- Danielle Bean
- Sr. Helena Burns
- Mary Hasson
- Arwen Mosher
- Amy Bonaccorso
- Sarah Reinhard

Come on!  I know you want to come!  Register now - scholarships are available but the application deadline is approaching!

Go to to find out more information and to register online!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

inappropriate comments at the grocery store.

Monday my big, pregnant belly, my three kids, and I were grocery shopping in the late morning.  A couple, probably in their 60's walked by and smiled at us. 

The man said, "What do you do in your spare time?!" implying that I would have no spare time. 

I responded, "Look at all these kids, what do you think I do in my spare time?!" implying the kids are the fruit of my spare time. 

He didn't laugh, nor did he look at me again when we met up in other aisles. 

It was awkward.

When I told Travis that night he laughed really hard and told me he was embarrassed for me. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Love Mat Kearney. Love this song.  Love.

2 - Lessons from a Tribunal is my latest post over at IGNITUM TODAY.  Here's a snippet of it:

The first thing I was taught is to never call it a miracle. I can talk about the miracle of life, a miracle on 34th Street, and the miracle of water changing into wine. I cannot talk about the miracle of my son being brought back to life because it isn’t one. Well, you know, I think it’s a miracle and probably you think it’s a miracle but the Roman Catholic Church takes their miracles VERY seriously and it is not an official miracle until they say so. The tribunal was an investigation into the alleged miracle of my son being brought back to life.
When you're done here, head on over to read the rest!

3 - Travis goes back to work on Monday.  I've so enjoyed him being home and I'm not ready for him to go back.  This is why we need a snow day.

4 - I have to say I am totally disappointed with the weather.  This year was supposed to be "snowmaggedon" with all kinds of deep, lasting snow.  This week we are once again looking at highs in the 50's and sunny skies.  And yes, I am bummed as I say that.

5 - NFP and Me has a great post up about natural family planning from a Protestant's perspective.  I really appreciated reading it and I encourage you to check it out. 

6 - Today is Epiphany.  Today the kids and I (mostly me) will sing "We Three Kings" as we move the wisemen to the stable.  And during their quiet time I'll wrap the gifts I bought on sale after Christmas and put them under the tree.  Because I totally forgot about doing it last night.  Ooops.

7 - Does anyone do anything special each of the 12 Days of Christmas to keep the Season going?  Now that we've got Advent down pretty well I'd like to do something for Christmas.  At this point all we do is say "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" while we light the white Christmas candle at meals and continue to play with the Melissa&Doug nativity set the kids have.  We need some more ideas, me thinks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

this song

This is the song I listen to when I'm sad.  It's what I've done since college.

So let's all listen to it and wallow, shall we?