January 9, 2013

My good taste in bad music

Instead of saying something mean about how horrible Will.i.am's Scream & Shout is I thought I'd share five songs that are lame or weird or just plain uncool, but I love them anyways.

#5 Kenny Rogers' Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town.  I think a few years ago it was hip to like Rogers' The Gambler but that day has ended and this is the wrong song anyways.  Cake also has a good cover of this song, if you're interested.

#4  Gogol Bordello's Start Wearing Purple.  I put the acoustic version here because I just couldn't tell if there was something inappropriate happening in the regular video.  I learned about these guys from the movie Everything Is Illuminitated, which itself is a weird but good film.  The lead singer is one of the main characters in the film and his band's music is also featured.

#3 John Paul Young's Love Is In The Air.  I confess, I probably love this song so much because I also love Strictly Ballroom.  So good.

#2 Corn Mo's Lollipop Time. This guy opened for They Might Be Giants when I saw them in Madison, WI.  I loved him even though he is so out there.

#1 Lesley Gore's Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.  I know this song is so very cheesy and perky but I just love it.  When it comes on the radio I blast that baby and sing along.  This song always makes me feel happy, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Okay, I actually can't hold it in.  The song is sooooo bad!  In won't say anything about how ridiculous poor Brittney looks and sounds... beyond that.

Okay, let's get something good, shall we?


  1. Love all the songs! I agree with the will.i.am song, but it has such a good beat to run to...

    My brother and I often share osbscure 80's songs on facebook. Next time we share, see if you like any of the songs. :)

    1. It does have a good beat, but UGH! I cannot stand to hear Brittney say the "all eyes on us" part. How much did he pay her to do that? I could have done just as good of a job for a whole heck of a lot less. Then he could have just hired some model to wear the dumb, skimpy clothes.

      Was that mean?

      And yes, call my attention to the 80's music. I LOVE 80's music! Taco almost made the list. ;)

    2. Nope, totally justified- anyone can be an awesome singer when technofied. :) I love Taco!

  2. Ruby don't take your love to town" is a favorite at our house!

  3. I heart Strictly Ballroom! Such a fun soundtrack too!