March 15, 2013

7 quick takes

 1 - From 6th grade - college I listened to a lot of records. My dad has a fantastic collection (including every Beatle album released in the US, all in great condition) and one of his Brit music compilation albums included this song.  I hadn't heard it in a long time until I was watching the trailer for Warm Bodies.

As an aside, the comments on this video talk about how people found this song because of the movie. Someone commented that The Troggs were pretty underground until Warm Bodies used it.  I don't think you can have several #1 songs in the 1960's, including Wild Thing (you know, "Wild Thing, I think I love you. But I want to know for sure...") and still be "underground" but maybe I misunderstand the definition.

2 - I lost 5lbs in one day! It's this new diet I'm on called the flu.  Yesterday beginning at 3am I woke every hour, ran to the bathroom, stumbled back in bed, and fell back to sleep. It wasn't until 4pm that I was able to stop my dashes to the bathroom. Today I feel a lot better except that my body aches from lying in bed all day.

3 - Human Life International published an essay I wrote about JF called A Gift From Above.  If you'd like to read it (Mom) you can click on over.

4 - I signed up for the "read the Catechism during the Year of Faith via email" thing but I have to confess I wasn't actually reading it until they switched to the YouCat version of the Catechism. It is so easy to read yet profound. For example:

Question 159: What is purgatory?
Purgatory, often imagined as a place, is actually a condition. Someone who dies in God’s grace (and therefore at peace with God and men) but who still needs purification before he can see God face to face is in purgatory.

5 - Pope Francis, you looked a little overwhelmed, maybe even awkward.
But then you began to talk and I loved you. So personable and warm and prayerful.

6 - I think I need to wrap this up. Our Netflix "Recently Watched" list is embarrassingly full of cartoons from yesterday and this morning. Plus I still feel a little cruddy from this flu thing.

7 - Thanks, Jen, for hosting!


  1. Oh my. Prayers for your recovery. The flu while pregnant is not highly recommended. I plan to read your article.

    I love Pope Francis. So. Much. He has brightened my outlook immensely since WEdnesday.

  2. Hope you feel completely better soon! I haven't been reading the emails either-I'll have to check them out now!

  3. Ugh the flu while pregnant and mothering other children is the WORST! So sorry you had to go through it. Guh.

    Also, love our new little shy pope. He is wonderful :)

  4. 1 - I wasn't really familiar with the song until i saw Warm Bodies but I've since downloaded it.
    2 - Oh, no. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    5 - LOL. I used this same photo in my QT. :-) I love our new Holy Papa.

  5. 4. Funny, I was as surprised as anyone to actually be keeping up with and enjoying the Catechism. I was really disappointed when it went away. I'm sad that the powers that be couldn't figure out how to keep it going. I just unsubscribed from the UCat, I want to try to keep going on the real thing.

    Feel better soon!

  6. #6: Yeah... ours is LOTS and LOTS of 80's cartoons. I can't imagine why... (2 parents in their 30's and a three year old).