March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 - Van Morrison + The Chieftains = AWESOME!  (I was going to post this last week for St. Patrick's Day but like I mentioned earlier I totally dropped the ball on that feast day.)

2 - Since I laugh at fart jokes, we should all be worried.

3 - I have this problem where I am always getting teeny tiny holes in my shirts, right on my belly.  I have no idea how I'm doing this but I just got a new maternity t-shirt that I wanted to wear every other day for the next solid year and now it has two little snags. So...Question for people who sew and mend: can I save it?

4 - Bangs. Are they still in? Like, the look below, that's kinda classic and will always look good, right? Or is it just because she's pretty and wearing a nice scarf. Oye. I wish I was good at this fashion and style crap.

5 - Here's something I love about Jimmy Akin: he's never snarky. Here's another thing: when he writes he isn't trying to be clever - a sin many of us bloggers commit, trying to be clever not being clever. He also doesn't join in the he said / she said blog posts.  Jimmy Akin just writes to inform and his posts usually (all that I can think of in recent history at least) seek to only do that. He's not jumping to conclusions, he gives the benefit of the doubt, he uses good sources and quotes, he's not being gossipy, he clarifies. For an example, read his latest column at the National Catholic Register.

6 -  Regarding the use of the word 'crap' above. I say 'crap' and 'butt' and 'shoot' and think nothing of it. However, I've been told that 'crap' and 'shoot' are just as bad as 'shit' to a lot of people and that 'butt' is just as bad as 'ass'. Are you in this camp? While all of us can agree that 'f---' is definitely offensive and vulgar, it's interesting to me that some of the other words are up to discussion.

7 - My to-do list today is: dust, clean two spots on the carpet, put away laundry, bake banana bread, nap. The reward for doing all these things will be going to the Fish Fry at my parish tonight, with the additional bonus of my Grandpa paying for my family if we get there by 5:40pm. WE WILL NOT BE LATE!


  1. That quote by Tina Fey gives me pause. Hmmm.

    The bangs...I love that look, but I've had that look and it bugs me on me because I am forever fiddle-farting with the bangs and moving them to the side. I have bangs now because I look entirely too old without them, but I do the sprayed/poofed (slightly -- not 80's) look to keep them in place and off the top of my brows.

    Loved that article by Akin. He's one of my favorite apologists.

    I am not offended by 'crap' or 'shoot' and definitely not 'crapshoot' :)

    1. To reiterate my point: when you said "fiddle-farting" I laughed. I blame growing up with brothers!

  2. Bangs, yes.

    Check your seat belt. My friend had the same problem when she was pregnant, and she said there was a little plastic thing on her seatbelt that was snagging her shirts because the belly pushed the shirt right up against the belt. Could be?

    Use whatever words you want; it's your blog.

  3. #3, snags in shirt. I'll try to explain: turn your shirt inside out, take a straight pin and poke it through where the snag is, from back to front; then gently pull it to the back of the shirt. If your shirts with tiny holes are woven (not tee-shirt material) fabric, it depends on the hole what you can do. You could try patching it from the back, using iron on hem tape and seam binding in the same color as the shirt. But work from the back of the shirt not the front. It's hard to explain, I'm more of a show person for sewing:) good luck

  4. I say holy crap all the time, which isn't nice. I am trying to break that habit. Also, I say suck. Which is not okay. but, I can't seem to break that one either.

    I keep getting tiny holes, in my shirts, right at the belly area. Why is this happening? help me.

  5. I keep getting holes in my shirts, too---it's SO frustrating! (FYI-I'm not pregnant, but still have quite a belly.) And, I say that things are "crappy" all the time. Never bothered me until I noticed my 6-year-old saying it. I don't like how it sounds coming from her, so I'll have to break my habit!

  6. Gosh I love those bangs, but I agree that her great scarf is probably influencing my opinion since I think bangs in general are hard to pull off :) And that last picture made me laugh!

  7. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Belts ALWAYS "chew through" my t-shirt material tops. I usually only get one season out of the light-weight t-shirt type tops because of belts... When my pants fit nicely, I try not to wear belts just because of that. Have a great weekend!

  8. I think bangs are always in, if they look good on you? Why not give it a try? If you think they're not so good on you, you can always pin them back until they grow out.

    There's a reason why people have substituted "crap" for worse words, and it is so you don't say the worse word! Yes, everyone knows what it substitutes for, and if they wish they can infer that word in their heads when you say it, but in my opinion, you didn't say that bad word, you just said, "crap." It's what those lesser-bad words are for!

  9. I think bangs would look amazing on you! But I am wary of doing dramatic things to hair during pregnancy. This is what perming my hair during my 1st pregnancy has taught me.

    I used to say 'crap' and 'suck' out loud a lot, but I try not to do that since little voices saying those words is so awful. But on a blog? Please!!! I can't understand why everything is nitpicked. Sometimes the word you need is: crap.

  10. Hallie Lord wrote a post on bangs. I thought it was recent, but it is from October...not too old. If Hallie says they are in fashion, then they must be.
    Also, if people think crap and butt and whathaveyou are bad, then I probably shouldn't invite them to my house. Hard habit to break, those naughty words! (usually muttered under my breath in frustration, but naughty nontheless!)

  11. Ok, I can understand (but not agree with) people who take offense at the word "crap", but "butt"? That's just ridiculous. Like, Victorians covering the legs of their piano lest their shape remind men of ladies' legs and drive them mad with Victorian passion, levels of ridiculous.

    What are you supposed to call a butt? A "bottom"? A "rear end"? I knew a woman once who taught her children to refer to butts as "booties". How is this not more disgusting?

    I suspect that people who honestly take offense to the word "butt" are in a constant state of agitation anyway, and removing the word from the language isn't going to help them out.

  12. Hi Bonnie, adding my 2-cents on language - I have a friend who is quite down-to-earth but very devoted to her mission in getting her kids to Heaven. Her house has a language policy that I *never* live up to! But when she explained it to me it made so much sense to my philosophical brain (ok to my sometimes-spacey-and-inconsistent-but-lover-of-all-things-logical pseudo-philosophical brain). In her home, they don't say anything meant to "replace" a swear/curse word, or curse (literally) ANYTHING or anyone. For example, "oh man" (my most frequent offense this particular day in her house, corrected repeatedly by her 3-year-old) is off-limits. Why? Because in a way, it curses "man" and comes from the same place in us that wants to say "damn it!" in some circumstances or perhaps (when directed toward someone else's misfortune, sympathetically) express discouragement or despair at the prospect of what someone is facing (and that God is allowing it) rather than acceptance, encouragement and hope...get it? Of course, in the moment of usage its usually good-natured and habitual and possibly said with good humor (or not!), but examined for the words-have-meaning test, it doesn't pass. It REALLY called me to task and made me reflect on our vocation and the purity of heart, mind and speech we can aspire to without being prudish, and remembered that Christ is the Word and our speech can reflect Him and be united to Him at all times. (I also think that we believe the words we tell ourselves - so when you say "fashion and style crap", you reinforce to yourself with the word crap that it is beyond you and kind of nonsense or not really worth your time - which you may or may not "oh man" told me that I should be better at catching a ball every time I missed it when playing with the little guy...harmless, I know! But anyway...there are times when a little reflection on this can reveal subtle mental shifts that can open up deeper faith in us.) This mom is not a prudish person - just reflective and disciplined and trying her best to live in a way that reflects a consistent ethic for her family. (Also, being that she is young and flawed and normal, I don't think she 100% lives up to her own policy with other adults though I'm sure she strives to - it is much more intentional for teaching the family/kids, and I'm sure it has rubbed off on her in all areas.) As an extrovert whose thoughts often come spilling out of my mouth and one tempted to narrate most everything happening to me, it was almost novel to realize I could aspire to take those "exclamatory" moments in stride - without words - or trade in my "oh mans" for more positive and hope-filled expressions, and demonstrate (and inspire in myself) deeper acceptance of my flaws and greater faith and hope in others as they face their difficulties.

    (bet you weren't expecting all THAT, were you?!! :) )

    ps - I still say darn shoot gosh and oh man - I am not at the same level - but sometimes I think of Christina when I do say it, and it renews that effort in me for a bit. We're all working our way to perfection (in Heaven) at our own pace, right?!

  13. I'm hearing the siren song of bangs, too, and cannot decide!

  14. If my 75 year old, 3rd order Franciscan, saintly mother of six can say crap...then so can you!

  15. I love bangs...but not on me.
    I do say crap all the time but it sounds ugly comming out of my childrens mouths so I am trying to stop!

  16. Yes to the bangs...I have side bangs, but really love the picture you posted, good inspiration as I'm due for a trim!

  17. When I was in flight school I met a young woman who was already a pilot for a small "puddle jumper" airline. She took me under her wing and, as aviation was/is a very male dominated industry, she wanted to help me succeed. Her advice was to make sure to swear a little and make mildly crude jokes so that the men would know I wasn't a "lady" who they had to treat differently.

    It seemed like pretty bad advice at the time, and since then it's inspired me in the opposite direction. To me, in a particular sentence, if I used "nonsense" or "whatnot" I think it would sound cute and feminine, if I used "crap" I think it would sound like I was trying to make sure no one mistook me for a lady.

    Plus, words are awesome and there are so many great ones! I heart

    Just look at these: absurdity, babble, balderdash, baloney, bananas, bombast, bull*, bunk, claptrap, drivel, fatuity, flightiness, folly, foolishness, fun, gibberish, giddiness, hogwash, hooey, hot air, imprudence, inanity, irrationality, jazz, jest, jive, joke, ludicrousness, madness, mumbo jumbo, palaver, poppycock, prattle, pretense, ranting, rashness, rot, rubbish, scrawl, scribble, senselessness, silliness, soft soap, stupidity, thoughtlessness, trash*, tripe

    Balderdash? Baloney? Rot? Poppycock? Yes, please.

  18. Oh, and I love #1, my daughter sang that song at our St. Patrick's Day party this year!

  19. Words...I think it completely depends on what you laugh at! ;) I think crap, butt and fart are perfectly sanitary, but I know people who cringe. Out of an adult mouth I wouldn't even pause. Out of a two year old's mouth, I get the giggles and then realize if I continue down this path she's likely to go to the principal's office a lot. Double crap.

    Bangs: love the look. With my fine/thin hair I can never pull it off. If you can do it, go for it! And get a cute scarf while you're at it too. :)

    I get holes in all my shirts, but the other ladies are much more helpful. Mine is most likely from our cats who are not declawed. I'd love a shirt that lasts more than a month without holes or drool/formula stains. Please? No really, please? :)

  20. WELL I know I'm simple, but I must be REALLY simple or just good nature d haha because a good fart joke can get me rolling anytime.
    I recently acquired bangs, they were okay, but when cooking or cleaning or changing poop they got either in my eyes or the longer side parts got fell forward and tickled at the end of my nose and really annoyed me so I basically had to mess with pinning them back everyday. So go for it, they are cute, but other duties call now and I don't have time to fuss with them. :-)
    And, call me Mrs. Vulgar if those words are BAD. I say much much more. I am not bragging, no, but I remember something my grandma told me once about "naughty" words; better to use words like "S---" "D---" "A--" oh yeah, even "F---" then EVER EVER EVER use the Lords name.
    Now, I know you don't do that, so please don't think I am assuming, but I usually over think and want to make sure I'm not being snobby or bossy or something like that. :-)
    So, as long as my sweet (HA!) child is repeating my nasty muttered and yes, sometimes screamed words (already happened after losing a game on the Wii) I'm good. Right?
    Well whatever, I try, but sometimes there is nothing as soothing as a good old "S---" muttered after dropping a cup of juice and watching it splatter to kingdom come.

  21. OH MY GOSH. Is NOT REPEATING my words. Bad typo there.

  22. I have no problem with the words you mentioned. However, I gave up saying the F word for Lent, so I'm probably not the best judge of bad language.