March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday - St. Patrick's Day edition

We are climbing out of the stink and yuck of the flu in these parts. L and Ben gave it to Travis and me and then JF succumbed. I was a little worried, as we headed to Mass this morning, that JF wouldn't be over it the way I thought he was and do another holiday treat for us like he did on Christmas morning. But luckily we seem to be all good!

The kids' Mass behavior was pretty good. Short homilies help so much with that! Afterwards we treated them to Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's... some day it'll be green beer. 
We all wore green, because we're like that, but we were so late we had to sit in the cry room.

It's a bit chilly here still and the girls wore cardigans and tights and looked so, so cute.

Poor Resa was so tired. "Just let me nap, Mom!"

I don't love this outfit.
I don't really love how I look any more.
But soon I'll be holding a newborn and then maybe I can lose all the weight once and for all.

Lastly, thank You God, for hand-me-downs and gifts. My kids would have been naked today without them.

Black jersey dress: hand-me-down
Greenish tank: hand-me-down
Same brown boots: same old boots
White cardigan: Mossimo from Target

Quick confession:
I have been failing as a Catholic mom lately. I'm behind on homeschooling and this would have been a great week to do the letter 'P'.  Granted I was sick but - come on! - "Pope" and "St. Patrick" all in one week.  Instead we're on "O" for whenever I get around to that.
I'm pretty sure my kids have no idea what a pope even is, let alone that we have a new one.
Also, despite the fact that I have a great book
to explain everything secular and religious about St. Paddy's Day we've barely read it. (Opting instead for the super easy Brown Bear and Freight Train reads.)

But today I read it super quickly while the corned beef roasted and I served it with mashed potatoes and peas... because I felt like there should be something green on the plate.

Dessert was totally JF-friendly cupcakes! No eggs, no dairy, baby!
(You can see the recipe here if you want.)

The rainbow cake will be served at my Tuesday mornin Mom's Group.  Come if you're in the area. :)



  1. Your kids are SO cute!!!

    I love hand-me-downs. I don't get many. But Having 2 girls in a row has been such a blessing. They're so close in size, I can practically take a shirt that Gwen has outgrown and put it on Avie's side of the closet-so awesome!

    And those cupcakes and cake are purely spectacular!! You are so amazing for doing all this right after being sick!!! I think that's a pretty good sign that you are a great Catholic mom : ) Treats def count for something!

  2. I think you look beautiful, and I kind of love Lydia's dress. Like, I would wear it myself.

    But it's SO hard to love how you look while pregnant - it feels like everything makes you look HUGE even when you aren't (stupid maternity clothes that are meant to make you look huge). If it's possible, try not to dwell on the weight (it's hard not to!) and what you'll have to lose when you're done - I always feel so gross and like I will never lose any weight or flab and then 4 or 5 months out I realize, "Hey I'm starting to fit into old clothes again! Hey, my kids mostly don't think I'm still pregnant!"

    Also, your cupcakes are awesome, as is your cake. I did absolutely zero for St. Patrick's Day. Didn't even talk about it with my saint-obsessed son... I figure the longer we go without celebrating stuff like this, the easier my life will be!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful I know you don't believe it, no Mama about to give birth does. But trust me when I say you look wonderful. Soon you will be holding a miracle in your arms and all of this will be a blur. May you be blessed with a short delivery and a very healthy babe.

  4. So many cute/great pictures! Glad you all had a good day.
    Shamrock shakes, yumm!

  5. Oh my goodness, Teresa is soooooooo cute with her grumpy tired face!

  6. Hey, you dressed your kids up and took them to Mass, by my count you read them AT LEAST three stories recently, and you baked them a very cute cupcake cake. That's pretty great.

    The new Pope will still be there next week when you get to P. Plus, the internet makes YOU mistress of the space-time continuum. You could show them this and this, and pop open some apple cider and celebrate. Crisis averted. :0)

    OR you could just start subtly mentioning all the fun times you had on the day Pope Francis was elected and soon they will think they remember it.

  7. What a cute dessert! (And cute pregnant momma!!)

  8. Bonnie, I think you're gorgeous, always! Nobody rocks a smile like you. Keep on keepin' on. I'm praying for you :)

  9. Gosh, you make cute kids! And I like your dress, but definitely understand the whole not loving how you look pregnant (or even non pregnant). Holding that newborn will make it better, right?

  10. You may not be impressed with the outfit, but I think it's cute and well-put together. :-) Love the tank color!

  11. You are really looking great. I wish I had the legs to pull off those awesome boots. I love Lydia's dress. Hey...did you hear Pope Francis' favorite Marian image is Untier of Knots? Perhaps a sign of beatifications to come?