April 2, 2013

Five Favorites

The pizza cutter trick, featured in my Thoughts throughout the day post.
Travis thought of this one. It's so quick and easy. Much better than a fork and knife.


The tumblr Mary Is My Homegirl.
Seriously - that lady is hilarious!  You have got to check it out.
But Hallie, if you are post partum you might want to wait a couple of days. You will laugh so hard it will hurt your stomach muscles.


I love this bad boy. We got the two speed one, on sale, with our tax refund money. It's been great with soups, whipped potatoes, smoothies, and milkshakes so far and I can't wait to use it this summer when I make fresh marinara sauce with tomatoes from our garden.

Here's a little updatae: I meant to originally say that if anyone is looking for an immersion blender America's Test Kitchen rated KitchenAid the best. We're big ATK fans and so that was all we needed to hear.

Also featured in my stream of consciousness post:
The "baby-proof the kitchen drawers" yardstick trick.
I learned this one from a woman in the parish I grew up in.

The boys also use the yardstick when they play Mass, processing in with it like it's a crucifix.

The tulips that my husband brought home for me. There were so many I have three bouquets throughout the house.
He loves me.

It may also be true that the other reason he got them is this:
He was driving home from Mass and I asked if he would be playing racquetball with his co-worker as he usually does on Sunday afternoons. 

Travis: I don't know. Text him for me.
Me, texting co-worker as Travis, using Travis' phone: Are we playing today?
Co-worker: Yeah. When?
Me, again, as Trav: Any time. I just have to be home by 4 with flowers.
Co-worker: How about 12:30?
Me: See you then.

He was home by 3, with my favorite flower. 


  1. I love that tumblr. I totally just laughed at everything posted there because it's so true!!

  2. oh, I'm jealous of your immersion blender! It's on my Christmas list. But I think my favorite thing here is your story about how you got the flowers :)

  3. Gorgeous tulips! One of my favorite flowers (I have stopped trying to figure out one absolute favorite!)

    And nifty pizza cutter trick! We like a kitchen scissors, too!

  4. I love our immersion blender! Money well spent!

  5. I can't wait to try the pizza cutter trick! So clever!
    It's good to know what you use an immersion blender for. I've thought about getting one but think it will probably sit in the cupboard unused except once in a great while.
    I'm so jealous of your tulips. I wanted some for Easter but the store was out. :(

  6. OK pizza cutter trick = genius. I can see myself piling a few pancakes at a time and getting it done.

    Love the texts, is that all it takes to get flowers? I'm on it.

  7. Ha! Love the texting! Tulips are my favorite too! In fact, when I can't have tulips I buy the Yankee Candle "tulips" wax tart and put that guy in my Scentsy...it's so strong it reaches the basement and fills my house with spring smells. :)

  8. Oh I love my immersion blender! It makes the best soups!

  9. pizza cutter works for almost all food items. we even have a kid friendly one that i purchased at target.

    my immersion blender just went out on us. i had it for 7 years.

    prayers for a blessed Easter season.

  10. I need to try the pizza cutter trick. We have pancakes just a smidge less than the air we breathe...

    Also, I have been coveting an immersion blender for a while now. Thanks for the tip!

  11. I love my immersion blender! Also, I love how you got the flowers. I might have to try this sometime. I really wish I could steal your idea for babyproofing the kitchen, but we have doors and my girls would be climbing the yardstick.

  12. We're barbarians at my house! I never cut the pancakes - they just eat 'em like cookies :)

    1. Well that definitely happens at our house too. Sometimes I make them in strips so kids can easily dip them in the syrup (and I don't have to cut them at all.)

  13. Can I just wax rhapsodic momentarily about the pizza cutter trick? You are going to save my sanity in the tiny bites department! Thank you!

  14. bahaha on the text! that is awesome. Genius pancake trick. I end up just ripping ours into smaller pieces. Perhaps my home needs some refinement ;)

    1. I would always just rip them up, too. But the pizza cutter is so much faster. My husband = brilliant.

  15. Used your pizza cutter trick on quesodillas this afternoon. Awesome.

  16. so many things to love...the immersion blender, that fabulous tumblr feed, the pizza cutter with the pancakes...a great list indeed. This is my first time joining in. What fun!

  17. Love the tulips...and the pic with them posted is great too :)

  18. Oh my gosh ... *gaspingforbreath* ... *tryingnottocryatwork* ... Dear LORD! That Tumblr is awesome. I can't even read the rest of the post! Except I am stealing that pizza cutter trick. :)

  19. I knew you were awesome when I first learned you love ATK as much as Joel and me! Great post, Bonnie!