May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 - 6th grade, people. In 6th grade I had this cassette tape. I actually still love this music because this middle class white girl can so totally relate to black empowerment rap.

2 - I have to admit that when the show Arrested Development first came out I heard someone say, "I love Arrested Development!" Thinking they were talking about the above rap group and having never seen the show I enthusiastically jumped in and cried, "Me too!!"
Eventually my much hipper younger brother sat me down and introduced me to the show. I loved it and you can count me as one of the many who are excited about the new season that will be streaming later this month on Netflix.

3 - As you may have noticed I wear glasses and my eyesight is really, really poor. This means I really don't have any kind of idea how dirty my shower is. When I'm in it the shower always looks fine because, you know, everything's blurry and misty. But every once in awhile I'll glance in there when my glasses are on and I'm amazed that Travis (who's eyesight is fine!) doesn't complain at how groddy things are. Soap scum and hard water are not a pretty sight. The kids' tub is fine, because when they get baths my glasses are obviously on and so I wipe things down, rinse things out, and scrub things as needed.

As for our shower... Some day I will not be tired and pregnant and have severe back pain. When that day comes I'll clean it and maybe do a good job of keeping it clean. Until then we'll just pretend that everything's fine because what you can't see can't hurt you.

4 - I got my haircut yesterday by a girl I used to babysit. She cut off the split ends, shaped it up, and gave me some great bangs. I like it down and pulled back. In short, I love it.

5 - Earlier this week I needed to put $10 worth of gas in my car. That would have worked just fine had I not started to think about how I would get gas for my car if the zombie apocalypse happened. How would Travis and I survive if there were zombies everywhere. Would my parents be zombies? We'd need my dad's bow and arrows and hunting rifles. We'd also need to live somewhere with a high fence so we could garden. And I'd need to get my mom's pressure cooker so I could can to survive the winter. And we'd definitely never be able to have sex again because there is no way I'm having Travis deliver a 10lb baby in our home in those conditions. And would the kids be okay. Oh my beautiful kids. Hopefully our extended families would survive and we could live and fight and thrive together.

And at $25 I realized I'd been thinking too much and not paying attention to the pump. Obviously I would not fare too well in the zombie apocalypse.

6 - When summer comes I always listen to more country music. I'm building a playlist on YouTube and I'm looking for some good recommendations. If you like country music please leave me a suggestion or two in the combox.

7 - Last week I got an email from a woman named Heather asking if I would help her spread her cancer story in order to raise awareness of mesothelioma, a cancer of the lung that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Heather was a new mom to a three month old baby girl when she learned her diagnosis and that likely (and sadly) she had been exposed to the asbestos through her father who worked in construction during her childhood.  If you would like more information on mesothelioma or if you'd like to read Heather's story please please visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

Many thanks to Jen for hosting the weekly round-up. God bless you all!


  1. Oh Bonnie. I don't even know where to start. I, too, loved "Tennessee". And "Arrested Development". And zombie apocalyptic daydreaming while pumping gas. Also, a dear friend of mine had her father taken from her due to mesothelioma. Which makes the tally = ridiculous, funny, ridiculous, sad.

    Also, your hair looks great!

  2. Rodney atkins and josh turner have some good ones...

  3. Okay I love me some country music in the summertime too!!! I feel like we are kindred spirits now, or something. :)

  4. Tennessee, Tennessee! Yep, had it, listened to it, loved it.

    I am so with you on glasses/shower problems. And the zombie story made me laugh!

    Praying for Heather.

  5. I have fairly good eyesight without my glasses and my shower is still disgusting. I also really love Arrested Development and can't wait for the new season. If you get a chance - watch It's A Disaster - a new film that has David Cross (from AD) in it. It is dark, apocalyptic and hilarious!

  6. I can't wait to hear some Pontoon !!

  7. Country music: Billy Currington's "Good Directions," John Michael Montgomery "I Swear," Tim Hawkins' "Pretty Pink Tractor" (*hilarious* spoof of Jason Aldean's "Big Green Tractor"), anything by Rascal Flatts/Brad Paisley/Tim McGraw/Toby Keith/Trace Adkins, etc.

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  9. In response to #5, I've got your back. ;)

  10. Love the bangs! And while I don't have vision issues, I tend to immediately forget about a dirty shower once I'm out of it, so I keep a sponge in there and do a little scrub when I remember. Even just cleaning the floor with my foot is *something* when I'm too pregnant to bend over! Or maybe let the kids have a shaving cream and scrubby sponge party in there and then just rinse when they're done?

  11. Oh man, cleaning the shower is one of my least favorite things. And when pregnant? Forget it.
    Darius Rucker is one of my fav country singers- Wagon Wheel is catchy. And Zac Brown Band- Where the boat leaves from, and Knee Deep. Okay, and The Band Perry- All Your Life, and Walk me down the middle.

  12. 2 - I thought the same thing when I heard about arrested development. My hipper, younger brother also wised me up and got me hooked.
    4 - Love the hair and the bangs.
    5 - The night before last Brian and I were talking about what other things we should add to our zombie apocalypse prep gear, I mean natural disaster gear. (Funny I had always been for gun control until I started watching The Walking Dead.)
    7 - This year we started praying every day to St. Peregrin for those dealing with cancer after Brian discovered he had cancer (but a different kind)in Jan. It really changes your perspective when you must deal with it first hand.

  13. 4. Love your bangs, I'm considering them, but my hair is wavy and I don't like to bother with it much, so it might end up a disaster. Speaking of disasters . . .

    5. I also love the Apocotecture Awards, only the finest in theoretical zombie-proof houses.

  14. 4. Looking good with the new bangs.
    5. Daydreaming at the pump, too funny, sad thing is that the price of gas you probably weren't fighting the zombies for very long.
    6. You have some of my favorites already on your playlist. A few more...Jake Owen - Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Kip Moore - Beer Money, Eric Church - Springsteen, Emerson Drive - That Kind of Beautiful, Lonestar - Walking in Memphis and What About Now, Lee Brice - Hard to Love. And then anything from Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, and Keith Urban.
    Have a great week.

  15. Your bangs look great. Good picture! I'm trying this new thing where I keep a dish scrubber in the shower (have a mesh hanging thing hanging off the curtain rod) with vinegar and Dawn in it. I do one wall after a shower. It's a combination of a FlyLady tip and a Pinterest pin. So far so good, which is good because that must be one of my least favorite chores. I don't know a lot of the new country. Are you open to older suggestions? I thought of Meet in the Middle by Diamond Rio and I'm in a Hurry by Alabama. Brooks and Dunn (My Maria, Brand New Man?) or Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks. Now I'm listening to all of this on YouTube. :) -Anne