May 21, 2013

Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

Stop trying to make me fat on cupcakes and cheesecake and chocolate cake and cake pops.

Please understand that "cheap" and "easy" activities for the kids mean "less than $10 for something that will last longer than one day" and "set up that will take 15 minutes or less and use nothing more than a hammer-like object, scissors, or tape".

No one's gonna acquire a bunch of pallets and actually build that. Any of it.

I really don't want to look at pictures of other people's nails and feet. It grosses me out.

I tried to do that thing with my hair. I looked stupid. Surely it's your fault.

The lifestyle I'd have to live to look *that* good/thin/toned is not practical nor is it worth it. Plus, I think she looked cuter before she got all buff.

Is the chalkboard paint phase on its way out? Chalk board paint on walls, doors, mirrors, serving trays, and the Pinterest end-all-be-all: chalkboard paint on a mason jar!

Speaking of which, I'm glad people seem to be over the "salted caramel" everything: cookies, cupcakes, candy, body scrub, candles, paint color. People put salted caramel on salted caramel and repined it a billion times. It was like the great "red velvet everything" of last year.

Nothing you can offer will actually clean my bathtub except harsh chemicals and elbow grease. Stop trying to convince me otherwise.



  1. Bahaha! Preach it sister! Chalkboard paint on mason jars... Who comes up with this crap?

  2. So. True. I'm not much of a pinterest fan as it is b/c I wasn't blessed with the crafty gene. I already know none of it will work for me. I'm ok with that. On the other hand, be it on its way out or not, the chalkboard paint on mason jars may be just what I'm looking for: In prep for postpartum life, I'm deep-freezing meats/sauces/granola, etc. in large mason jars and need a way to label them (such that they can be relabeled later). Tape doesn't work, marker doesn't work...maybe chalk. Thanks for the tip, even if it was unintentional!

  3. No crafty genes here either. For the bathtub, the Tilex stuff that you spray on after you shower is worth whatever you have to pay for it. I think The Works is the name of the cleaning stuff that I liked. Truly don't clean it very often since starting the Tilex thing. Rarely have little ones to bathe (occasional grandchildren), but do have a farmer husband who gets plenty dirty, if that counts for anything in terms of how much dirt is applied to tub daily.

  4. But Bonnie, baking soda in a mason jar painted with chalkboard paint WILL clean your bathroom! You just have to keep your kids busy long enough with the easy do-it-yourself activity book you spent seven hours on. Duh.

  5. Sorry for all the nail polish pins; I'm a little crazy about polish. :) I like to use it for inspiration, but man, people need lives!

  6. Agreed! And, for what it's worth, in my vast cleaning experience ;) I have found Mr. Clean BATHROOM Eraser works the best on tubs/showers, especially Soap Scum. Hope it helps if you try it!

  7. See...I knew I wasn't missing anything on pinterest. I second the Mr. Clean Bathroom eraser. My 7 year old can clean the tubs/showers with it. (That's a paying job at our house) I'll bet your 5 year old could do it, too.

  8. Ha! My husband was just telling me the other day that Pinterest only drives more women into the therapists office. I'm beginning to wonder. And, honestly, I'm always saying to myself, Susan only God can make you better, not Pinterest. Give Him your time!!! Love it, Bonnie, thanks!!

  9. A.m.e.n!! Sometimes I will search Pinterest for something specific but I refuse to matter how awesome some of the ideas look, it is not worth the child neglect that would be necessary for me to accomplish them.

  10. I agree completely! Not only do I feel overwhelmed by all the "stuff" on Pinterest, I feel inadequete for not being able to make it, use it, or create it. Not to mention the fact that a friend called it Pin-Interest and it made me cringe. I don't need anything else that reminds me of just how unhip I really am. Great post!