July 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1 - So there was this period in my life when I listened to the Maccabeats' cover of Matisyahu's "Miracle" just about every day, over and over again. It just makes me happy. I don't know what I was looking for when I found the above video but I thought it was really clever.

2 - Here's some highlights from conversations we had with the doctors and nurses who cared for JP in the hospital:

Nurse: "You're the mom who delivered intact! You're famous around here! We are in awe."
Me: It's nice to be famous somewhere.

Me: We're former NICU parents.
Doctor: Oh crap. I mean, that's too bad.
Nurse: You know just enough to be dangerous.

Nurse: JP's been waiting for you. You're the only one who can truly make him happy.
Me: Well, you probably don't lactate.

Nurse: He doesn't like being under the billi lights. He wants to be swaddled and if he's not he just screams and flails his arms.
Me: You should bind him with Syran Wrap.
Nurses: That's just what the doctor said!
Me: We could call it the Engstrom-Cusack Wrap. It'll become a thing that all the nurseries do.
Doctor: This is how change happens: intelligent people sharing ideas.
Nurse: He'd be a sweaty mess!
Me: He's been in water for nine months, maybe he'll like it.

3 - I have a new post up over at Ignitum Today called "It's okay to enjoy pop culture. I promise." It's a response to Bad Catholic Marc Barnes' ardent desire for us to not like "Call Me Maybe".  Go read it and tell me what you think.

4 - Yesterday Katie and her sister came over. Her sister is building up her photography portfolio and asked if she could do some newborn and family pictures. Because it's super hot we didn't go outside (because I'm a wuss) so we were set up in the dining room. I'm super excited to see the pics, especially based on this sneak peek:

5 - Our lawn mower is having issues. I'm hoping one day a neighbor will walk over with his push mower and tell Travis, "Here. You can use this, just fill it back up with gas when you're done."

6 - Travis and I recently rented the movie Robot & Frank. It was really quite sweet and has a wonderful twist at the end - neither one of us saw it coming! There's some language, and the whole film is about a cat burglar, but nothing too bad and I think it's PG-13 rating is appropriate. All that to say, if you're looking for a light movie for tonight I suggest it.

7 - Best part of the day.


  1. 3. I read your post and I liked it! Sometimes I get annoyed by people who purport to be "too good" for catchy music. I have a SIL who trashes Taylor Swift all the time and I am like, "She writes her own stuff and if anyone can write catchy, it's her" and then she says, "Well, she can't even sing" and I just shake my head... Haterz gonna hate, amiright?

    4. YES, I love pics with all the kids!!

    7. Indeed.

  2. I'm gonna go read your article now...I feel bad you were in the hospital so long with jaundice. That has happened to 3 of our kids, and we always have to fight to be released before I go insane. It took 5 days with the last baby, and I'm surprised they weren't dosing me with tranquilizers because I was so upset we couldn't go home when his levels were perfectly acceptable as long as I nursed him nonstop.

  3. Your kids are SO cute!!! And I love how all their expressions-especially Lydia's.

    Also loved your article.

  4. Why, yes, I was looking for a good movie to watch. Thanks.

    And #7. Hell to the yes.

  5. So jealous you had interesting conversations with your nurses and doctor, I had nada. And #7 would normally have me in agreement but I'm drip drip drip dripping these days so the bras help contain the faucets.

  6. SCREAM laughing at #7!! Precious picture of your kiddos - what an incredible mom those little souls have.

  7. 1. This video is fabulous!!! Why can't I just be a little more creative??/ In awe of creativity! I shared it on FB!!
    3. Amen, sister. Sometimes it 's just a fun beat, silly words and entertainment. Besides, we must know our audience and be familiar with their ways when time comes to step in and educate if necessary on the not so fun and more nasty songs....ya know?
    4. Love all the pics of siblings, especially when introducing a new one! This one is classic!!
    Happy Weekend, oh witty one!

  8. I've just found your blog via Conversion Diary and I enjoyed your latest posts! However, I must leave my first comment, and its one of disagreement: taking off my bra is the WORST part of my day - ow, ow, ow, ow! It's like gravity coming to stab me in the chest. lol. Maybe its because I'm now an E cup? Hmm...

    Love your posts!

  9. We bought our first house a year ago,and I kept waiting for a neighbor to offer to let us use a lawnmower. It makes no sense to me why there can't just be one mower for every seven houses on the street and we could just take turns using it!

  10. We bought our first house a year ago,and I kept waiting for a neighbor to offer to let us use a lawnmower. It makes no sense to me why there can't just be one mower for every seven houses on the street and we could just take turns using it!

  11. 7. I laughed aloud. That's awesome. Frame-able.