July 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1 - I confess, I am not feeling this song today, but it was the one I had planned on using all week. Obviously, my week started on a better foot than the one it's ending on. Maybe you're having a good day, though, and this peppy song is right up your alley. Good for you, then.

2 - My stress levels are through the roof right now. This week was supposed to be about finishing up projects in the house so when the realtor comes Tuesday at 2pm everything is done and clean and ready for pictures. But instead this week has been diddled away and nothing is done yet. I loaded all the kids into the car to get out of the house so Travis could stop taking care of kids and start work only to realize that we have no cash and both my credit cards were expired.

3 - Obviously I did *not* do the 7 days of blogging challenge from Jen. Let me tell ya: it was awesome. I had something to read all the time and no pressure to write anything. I say make it a quarterly thing, Jennifer!

4 - Well, I'm down 28lbs of baby weight. This is good news, except that I still have 15lbs to lose to be back to what I weighed before I got pregnant with JP. And then there's the other 45lbs I'll have to lose to be back to my pre-L weight, which is still 10lbs more than what I weighed when I got married. After Resa I lost 20lbs in 3 months with Weight Watchers, but if you read #3 above then you'll know that right now we do not have money for WW. I guess I'll just have to exercise and use portion control on my own. Blah.

5 -  Here's something to not be grumpy about: Catholic All Year's Kendra has been spending her summer in Chicagoland instead of the greater LA area and has agreed to come down for a little visit this Monday. All our kids will be together and it will be madness but I think I'll love it. Or I might just ignore my kids and cling to adult conversation.

6 - While nursing JP and Resa I noticed something that I'm not sure I noticed with L and Ben. (I wasn't able to nurse JF.) For a brief period during each nursing I feel this wave of being sad and overwhelmed. It hits me fairly hard, especially if I'm not distracted in conversation or television viewing, and I feel like I have a sudden, huge lump in my throat - like I'm on the brink of breaking down. And then, almost as quickly as it comes it is gone. If memory serves me right, it didn't last the entire 10 months I nursed Resa, and I actually forgot about it until it started with JP once my milk came in. A friend of mine suffered from D-MER with her babies and having listened to her I suspect that's what's going on with me, too. Anyone else gone through something similar?

7 - After my nap I'm going to start trying this:

Thank you to the perfectly lovely Jennifer Fulwiller for hosting!


  1. Bonnie- your birthday party this weekend is going to cheer you up! Also, if you ever need a place to go to get out of the house...come on over to my place- of course that costs gas money, but if you've got some in your tank, come hang out with us.
    I read some of the link about D-MER. I have never heard of this. Wow, hormones are crazy. I hope you can find a way to manage those feelings, however brief they are.
    See you soon.

  2. #6--sounds like dyseuphroic letdown syndrome to me. I've got it too and it stinks. There isn't really anything to do about it, unfortunately. But being aware of it does help, I think. Hang in there, mama!

    #7: Yes. Awesome.

  3. We are really looking forward to it! Save me something to organize. It's my favorite. I already did all my MIL's kitchen drawers and pantry.

  4. #7 ~ Love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. D-MER, yep, I had that with my second. No fun. It took me a while to pinpoint what was actually going on and to realize why I thought my life was over when I would nurse. I think for me it lasted a few months. Apparently, it's caused by a hormonal change during letdown and it's supposed to pass pretty quickly. I think being able to realize what and when it will happen and that it will pass is HUGE in being able to cope. Good luck!

  6. #7 was *exactly* what I needed today after my kitchen exploded in a big mess on a busy day leading to an even busier weekend. All I could say was "Praise the Lord, no one's hurt. No one died. It's *just* a huge mess." ...but I think I like "Plot Twist!" even better!

    So, I'm confused - you're moving? I feel like you were just posting the transformation before/after pictures and rejoicing about the cement pad in the back...

    I've never experienced the sadness thing with nursing - just the annoying Oxytocin-fatigue. I know it's supposed to make me feel bonded to my baby, but it just makes me so tired I start dreaming with my eyes open.

  7. You're the best, Bonnie! Please never stop writing because you bring so much joy to us, your readers! Thanks for your constant honesty. Praying for your heart!

  8. myfitnesspal app. also available on the PC. free. and girl.....you JUST HAD A BABY!!! relax a bit. a lot. whatever.

    Plot twist! Love it!

  9. Yes, that D-Mer thing is crazy. I had a little with some of mine but mostly just in the beginning weeks then it was gone. I was so content and baby mooning and then I would be hit with this "is this all there is?" feeling. So strange. It was pretty easy to pinpoint it as something hormone related and not TOO worrisome since it would happen right when my milk was letting down.

    Hope you get some stress relief very soon!!

  10. I started reading #6 I was like "omigosh!! why hasn't she called me?! that's what happens to me and I blab about it to anyone who listens!" But then I got to the "I have a friend" part and I took the liberty to assume it was me ;) It's terrible, it makes me hate nursing, but it is what it is. I've never tried any supplements to help, just make sure I'm distracted when I'm nursing, and not engaging in any important conversations or decision-making. And it decreases in intensity as baby gets older, by the time I'm weaning them, I don't notice it. But it is surprising each time you start nursing, I almost forget how bad it is in the beginning.

    Even though I wish no one experienced the despair-like feelings with D-MER, it's interesting to see how many of your readers experience it. When I nursed M and made the connection, I had never heard of it and no one, not even doctors, nurses or LLL leaders had heard of it.

    Sorry you're having a rough week, and your birthday week to top it off! Boo!

  11. #7: This is totally my plan these days.

  12. Yes me too. I really don't enjoy nursing but I do it anyway.

  13. Sorry you are having a hard time. I know that "we don't have cash, but our credit cards are expired/maxed out" feeling. Money stuff is awful and I hate it.

    I never experienced D-MER, but had a terrible time with breastfeeding.

    Better days are ahead!

  14. Bonnie - Thank you so much for the link on D-MER. I have never heard of it before - but realize that is what I experienced with my 3 older children. #4 is due in November - and now I can at least discuss this with my doctor if it occurs this time around. I felt so guilty because I was having such an out of the blue, negative sensation with the beginning of each breast feeding session! I am so glad I read this today!!