October 21, 2013

a woman's heroism

"A woman is capable of more sustained sacrifice than man. Man is more apt to be the hero in one great, passionate outburst of courage. But a woman is heroic through the years, months, and even seconds of daily life, the very repetition of her toils giving them the semblance of the commonplace. Nor only her days but her nights, not only her mind but her body, must share in the Calvary of mothering. She, therefore, has a greater understanding of redemption than man, for she comes closer to death in bringing forth life."

Taken from the chapter "Motherhood" from Three to Get Married by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Venerable Sheen, pray for us!


  1. No truer statement than this about woman and motherhood. Go Sheen. :)

  2. One more book I need to add to my "to read" list! I've never read or listened to him. Is it possible to hear his old shows still?

    1. It's a great book, just know that it's dense. Like bust out the highlighter, dictionary, pencil and notebook to read it. I love that it is such a study-able (is that a word?!) book. Just my experience with it. :) But it is a book that I read over and over, not having to read one chapter before another, either - it can be enjoyed as singular chapters.

  3. Powerful! Lovely reminder, thank you.

  4. Tears in my eyes. Thank you Bonnie...as I need to clean another set of sheets that have been peed on. Laundry, laundry!
    Praise Jesus for the AWESOME insight he gave to FJS!